WCF Communication (brush update)

The World Curling Federation continues to monitor the developments around sweeping issues that have occurred this season. It will continue to take the steps it sees necessary for the good of the game based on testing around ice impact and damage and its existing rules. As such testing is underway on a number of different brush heads including hair, and the results are expected shortly.

Additionally teams are reminded that the WCF Sweeping Rules (Rule R7:Sweeping) will be enforced at all WCF competitions.

At the end of the season the WCF intends to follow up the recent positive meeting held with brush manufacturers to look at equipment standards with a 'Sweeping Summit' to look at all aspects of this area including brush construction, ice conditions and sweeping techniques. The Summit will involve a variety of stakeholders and will aim to assist in making recommendations to the WCF Congress in September on possible changes to equipment and sweeping rules.