Specifications for brushes in elite curling

The World Curling Federation (WCF) has introduced its first set of specifications for brushes being used in elite competition.

This follows a series of challenges faced relating to sweeping techniques and various types of brush heads being used in the sport during the 2015-2016 season.

After implementing a set of moratoriums, to minimise the concern arising from the challenges that were present, the WCF convened a Sweeping Summit in Kemptville, near Ottawa, Canada in May 2016. Elite athletes and the National Research Council of Canada were involved in this summit.

The summit set out to understand what was occurring and to determine if specifications for curling brushes or amendments to the rules for sweeping, or both, were necessary.

Subsequently, to reduce the possibility of sweeping equipment being detrimental to the competitive and performance integrity of the game, the WCF has established specifications for sweeping equipment, along with principles and references against which those specifications should be considered.

The initial specifications have been established based on the results of testing at the WCF Sweeping Summit, the analysis of the testing results by the National Research Council of Canada, the unanimous recommendations of the elite athletes who participated in the Sweeping Summit and following consultation with curling equipment manufacturers.

These specifications and necessary rules changes were proposed and approved at the WCF Annual General Assembly on Saturday 10 September 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden.

This page is available to help athletes, officials and curling organisations understand the brush specifications and rule changes.

Please note: The process for receiving approval as an ‘effective manufacturer’ and the process for receiving approval for a product code is currently being finalised and will be issued shortly.

For more information, please download the documents below. To see the rule changes visit, www.worldcurling.org/rules-and-regulations-downloads

If you have further questions email equipment@worldcurling.org referencing ‘brush specifications’ in the subject line.

 Specifications for sweeping devices
 Statement of Principles regarding competition equipment
 Approved Code List (20 August 2019)
 Sweeping survey summary report
 NRC Application Form
 WCF Approval Process 2016-11-01
 Effective Manufacturer Application Form v4
 Policies and Rules for Brush Heads and Brushing (Sept 2018)
Some files may require programs or viewers to open or view the download: Acrobat Reader