Capital One World Men’s Championship – Day 3

Canada 5-0
Scotland 5-0
Norway 4-1
Denmark 3-2
Germany 3-2
China 2-3
Italy 2-3
Switzerland 2-3
United States 2-3
France 1-4
Sweden 1-4
Japan 0-5

Draw 6: Norway 7, Japan 4; Scotland 8, China 3; Sweden 7, Italy 6 (extra end); France 6, Germany 9.

Draw 7: China 4, Denmark 8; Japan 1, USA 6; Germany 3, Switzerland 4; Italy 5, Canada 7.

Draw 8: Canada 8, Sweden 4; Switzerland 5, France 4; USA 4, Norway 6; Denmark 4, Scotland 7.

Canada and Scotland continued their unbeaten ways at the Capital One World Men’s Curling Championship on Monday, with both winning twice.

Canada were taken all the way through the tenth end for the first time in the week before overcoming hosts Italy by 7-5, and then followed that up with an easier 8-4 win over Sweden.

Meanwhile, Warwick Smith’s Scotland had an 8-3 morning win over China, which ended when China’s Riu Liu wrecked with his final shot of the eighth when he looked more likely to score four. Scotland then had a 7-4 victory over Denmark’s Ulrik Schmidt in the evening session.

Against Italy, Canada’s Kevin Koe eventually produced a nose-hit for one point and a 7-5 win in the tenth. Afterwards Koe seemed untroubled by being taken all the way to the tenth, saying, “I think it’s good. You don’t want to run through this whole week and then get near the end and all of a sudden be tested, when you haven’t been tested all week. So, I think it’s good that we’re in some tight games”.

Speaking about the fifth end against Canada after the game, Italian skip Joel Retornaz said “they stole two and that was probably the turning point. We played well in the second half but against Canada it’s difficult to come back into the game...and they don’t give you many chances”.

Meanwhile, Scotland’s Warwick Smith was quick to thank his good fortune in the eighth end against China, when Liu wrecked. “That was a bad end and we definitely got away with it” he said.

In Norway’s game against the USA in evening, Torger Nergard had a lead of three at the halfway point. Pete Fensen’s side got a single in the sixth end, then stole two in the seventh to tie the game. Norway got two shots over the next two ends and ran USA out of stones in the final end to win the game 6-4.

Germany’s Andreas Kapp had a mixed day, beating France by 9-6 before going down to Switzerland by 3-4. These results mean that the Germans are sitting mid-table.

The round-robin now moves onto its fourth day of action with a table-topping clash between Canada and Scotland – the only unbeaten teams – scheduled for the Tuesday morning session.