Collie Campbell Memorial Award

  • SooHyuk Kim (Korea) - 2019 © WCF / Jeffrey Au

The Collie Campbell Memorial Award was created in honour of Canadian Collie Campbell who served as President of the International Curling Federation (later renamed the World Curling Federation) from 1969 to his death in 1978.

The award is a fitting memorial as the wording on the original plaque says:

“Presented annually to the player selected by his fellow competitors in the World Curling Championship for the Air Canada Silver Broom who best exemplifies the traditional curling values of gentlemanly skill, fair play and sportsmanship that Collie Campbell strove to perpetuate as a curler and as president of the International Curling Federation (1969-1978).”

Good sportsmanship was important to Collie. He always said “Curlers do not need an umpire or a referee or rules. They govern themselves as gentlemen.”

He was a man of many talents, abilities and interests. His chosen profession was that of Mining Engineer. In the 1930’s he became one of the youngest members of Parliament in the Federal Government of Canada. Asked to join the Provincial Government of Ontario, he held the post of Minister of Mines, Energy and Resources. When war was declared in 1939 he immediately signed up and, because of his expertise and contacts with miners, was put in charge of forming the tunnelling company of the Royal Canadian Engineers. Over the course of the next six years, until the end of the Second World War, he distinguished himself well by rising to the rank of Brigadier General and received the Distinguished Service Order (DSO), the Order of the British Empire (OBE) and other honours from Britain, France and the United States. Most of his leaves were spent in Scotland ‘Bonspieling’. The curling contacts he made at the time were invaluable to him, particularly for his tenure as President of the Canadian Curling Association (1947-1948) and later for his work as President of the International Curling Federation when he transformed the Scotch Cup into the World Curling Championships.

Winners of the Collie Campbell Memorial Award
Year Awardee (Country) Awarded at Championships in:
2019 SooHyuk Kim (Korea) Lethbridge, Canada
2018 Markus Hoeiberg (Norway) Las Vegas, United States
2017 Carlo Glasbergen (Netherlands) Edmonton, Canada
2016 Kosuke Morozumi* (Japan) Basel, Switzerland
2015 Kosuke Morozumi* (Japan) Halifax, Canada
2014 Ewan MacDonald* (Scotland) Beijing, China
2013 Niklas Edin (Sweden) Victoria, Canada
2012 Sean Becker (New Zealand)** Basel, Switzerland
2011 Thomas Ulsrud (Norway) Regina, Canada
2010 Torger Nergård (Norway) Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy
2009 Fengchun Wang (China) Moncton, Canada
2008 Thomas Dufour (France) Grand Forks, USA
2007 Ralph Stöckli (Switzerland) Edmonton, Canada
2006 Ewan MacDonald (Scotland)* Lowell, USA
2005 Marco Mariani (Italy) Victoria, Canada
2004 Sean Becker (New Zealand)* Gävle, Sweden
2003 Markku Uusipaavalniemi (Finland)* Winnipeg, Canada
2002 Pål Trulsen (Norway) Bismark, USA
2001 Spencer Mugnier (France) Lausanne, Switzerland
2000 Greg McAulay (Canada) Glasgow, Scotland
1999 Sean Becker (New Zealand)** Saint John, Canada
1998 Markku Uusipaavalniemi (Finland)* Kamloops, Canada
1997 Jussi Uusipaavalniemi (Finland)* Berne, Switzerland
1996 Mikael Hasselborg (Sweden) Hamilton, Canada
1995 Peja Lindholm (Sweden) Brandon, Canada
1994 Gert Larsen (Denmark) Oberstdorf, Germany
1993 Hugh Millikin (Australia) Geneva, Switzerland
1992 Jussi Uusipaavalniemi (Finland)* Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany
1991 Markus Eggler (Switzerland) Winnipeg, Canada
1990 Tommy Stjerne (Denmark)* Vasteras, Sweden
1989 Tommy Stjerne (Denmark)* Milwaukee, USA
1988 Bo Bakke (Norway) Lausanne, Switzerland
1987 Gorin Roxin (Sweden) Vancouver, Canada
1986 Uli Sutor (Germany) Toronto, Canada
1985 Tim Wright (USA) Glasgow, Scotland
1984 Mike Hay (Scotland) Duluth, USA
1983 Keith Wendorf (Germany)* Regina, Canada
1982 Rick Lang (Canada) Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany
1981 Mark Olsen (Canada) London, Canada
1980 Greig Henderson (Scotland) Moncton, Canada
1979 Keith Wendorf (Germany)* Berne, Switzerland
*two time winner **three time winner