WCF Commissions

WCF Athlete Commission

The WCF Athlete Commission was established in March 2013. The mission of the WCF Athlete Commission is to communicate the interests of high performance curlers in cooperative support of the WCF achieving its mission. The WCF Athlete Commission serves as an independent and a consultative body, and acts as the collective voice of our Athletes.

Competition and Rules Commission

The WCF Competition and Rules Commission was established in March 2013. Currently chaired by Board Member Hugh Millikin the role of the Commission is to review WCF Competitions and Rules and ensure they are fit for purpose.

Finance Commission

The Finance Commission oversees the finances of the World Curling Federation and acts as an internal audit group. The Commission reports to the Board and to the Member Associations during the Annual Congress. It meets annually at the Annual Congress and communicates regularly via email.

Governance Commission

The WCF Governance Commission is currently chaired by Board Member Bent Ramsfjell the role of the Commission is to review and monitor the governance of the World Curling Federation. In addition to tasks generated from within the Commission it may also receive requests from the Board and from Member Associations to look at certain areas of the governance of the sport.

Hall of Fame Induction Commission

The Hall of Fame Induction Commission considered nominations to the World Curling Hall of Fame. The terms of reference for this Commission are currently under review.

Zonal Commissions

There are three Zonal Commissions for the World Curling Federation one for each of the WCF’s geographical zones (Americas, Europe and Pacific-Asia) Each Zonal Commission is chaired by the Zonal Vice President who is elected by the Member Associations of the WCF to serve on the Board. Each Member Association of the WCF is allocated to one Zone based on their geography.