Delivery Stick Summit concludes in Morris, Canada

  • Wheelchair curling at PyeongChang 2018 © WCF / Céline Stucki

The World Curling Federation has concluded its Delivery Stick Summit, in Morris, Manitoba, Canada.

The summit was convened to review what delivery sticks are used in wheelchair curling and how they are used in competition. Following on from the standardisation of curling brushes in 2016, a set of specifications and procedures are now being drawn up that will benefit curling’s wheelchair discipline.

The three days of testing involved 14 delivery sticks and combinations of various heads, tubes and handles.

The objectives of the summit were to:

  • Determine a set of standards/specifications for the heads, tubes and handles

  • Determine if any rule changes and processes need to be implemented

    The World Curling Federation’s Vice-President, Hugh Millikin, said: “We are pleased with the outcomes and proposed changes that have been arrived at by the participants. The proposals will now be forwarded to the Competition and Rules Commission for review prior to being sent to the World Curling Federation Board.

    “Following the Board review, any motions to be put forward at the Congress for voting will be sent to all Member Associations 60 days prior to the Annual General Assembly [on Sunday 9 September 2018].”

    The exact details of recommended changes and the motions, to be put to the Congress, will be published in due course and once additional stakeholder consultation has taken place.

    Participants and advisors from Australia, Canada, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland and United States took part in the summit

    Millikin continued: “The World Curling Federation thanks all the participants and external consultants for their input and expertise prior to and during the summit. Also, thank you to Morris Curling Club and the Cargill Training Centre for their hospitality and assistance during the summit. A special thanks to Chris and Lorne Hamblin – the high performance coaches and founders of the Cargill Training Centre for their generosity and expertise.”

    In conjunction with the Delivery Stick Summit, the World Curling Federation conducted sweeping analysis using a robotic stone thrower at the Cargill Curling Training Centre. This analysis is part of the continuing work to understand the impact of sweeping, following the results of the 2016 Sweeping Summit.

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    Picture: Vice-Presidents Hugh Millikin and Graham Prouse give a token of their appreciation to Chris and Lorne Hamblin