World Curling Federation reviewing wheelchair delivery sticks

  • © WCF / Céline Stucki

The World Curling Federation is in the process of reviewing what delivery sticks are used in wheelchair curling and how they are used in competition. This is with a view of improving the sport and ensuring a level playing field.

Following on from the standardisation of brushes in curling, a set of specifications and certifications procedures are being drawn up that will benefit curling’s wheelchair discipline.

The objectives set as part of the review are:

  • Ensuring inclusivity of athletes of different abilities to participate at a performance level
  • To allow all athletes access to equipment to help improve their performance
  • Determining the parameters for delivery sticks, in order to drive innovation for the sport whilst maintaining fairness

    An integral part of this process is testing the equipment which is currently on the market and prototypes that are in development.

    Therefore, ahead of a Delivery Stick Summit, in Winnipeg, Canada between Monday 21 and Friday 25 May, the World Curling Federation is working with the delivery stick manufacturers to offer them the opportunity to have their equipment tested at the summit and considered for future certification.

    The World Curling Federation, invites any manufacturers who may not have been contacted to submit their equipment and its specifications to by Tuesday 15 May, ahead of the meeting in Winnipeg.

    As was the case with the sweeping summit in 2016, elite athletes in wheelchair curling have been invited to take part in the testing.

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