ECC 2010 Day 1 Update

The opening day of the Le Gruyère European Curling Championships 2010 in Champéry, Switzerland opened with four draws in the A Group - two games each for the men and women.

Photo: ECC2010 Berthoud

Defending men's champion Niklas Edin and his team from Sweden opened their campaign well, with two wins, following up their opening 5-3 victory over the Netherlands with a tight 7-6 win over Russia.

Joining Sweden on two wins at the top of the men's rankings are Denmark's Rasmus Stjerne, who beat the Czech Republic by 8-7 and then France by 6-3; Germany's Andy Kapp, victorious over Russia by 7-2 and then Scotland's Hammy McMillan by 9-5; and Norway's Thomas Ulsrud, whose opening 4-1 win was against Scotland, followed by a 7-3 victory over the Czech Republic.

In the men's event, France's Thomas Dufour and Switzerland's Christof Schwaller have both won one game and lost the other - France beating Switzerland by 7-1 in the opener between the two, with Switzerland going on to beat the Dutch by 5-3. As a result, the Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Russia and Scotland go into the second day of competition looking for their first wins.

Three teams remain undefeated after the first two round-robin games in the women's A Group event.

Norway's Linn Githmark beat the Netherlands by 7-5 and followed that up with a 6-5 win over Scotland's Eve Muirhead. Joining her at the top of the rankings, Russia's Liudmila Privivkova beat Finland by 9-2 before recording an 8-5 win over Switzerland's Mirjiam Ott, while Sweden's Stina Viktorsson beat Latvia by 10-3 in her opener and followed that up with a 5-4 win over the Netherlands.

Defending champion Andrea Schöpp of Germany went down by 8-4 to Scotland in her opening game, and then beat Denmark's Lene Nielsen by 9-3 when she returned to the ice - a win she put down to a head-clearing cross-country cycle run through the snow of Champéry between games.

In her second game, Latvia's Evita Regza led her team to their first-ever European A Group win, beating Finland by 9-8.

Four women's teams - Germany, Latvia, Scotland and Switzerland, who beat Denmark by 6-5 in the extra end of their first game, now have one win and one loss, while Denmark, Finland and the Netherlands are still winless.

In the B Group Austria, the Czech Republic and Hungary top the women's standings. The B Group men are divided into two groups and standings can be seen here

Round 1: Sweden 5, Netherlands 3; Norway 4, Scotland 1; France 7, Switzerland 1; Czech Republic 7, Denmark 8; Germany 7, Russia 2.

Round 2: Denmark 6, France 3; Switzerland 5, Netherlands 6; Russia 6, Sweden 7; Scotland 5, Germany 9; Norway 7, Czech Republic 3.

Round 1: Finland 2, Russia 9; Scotland 8, Germany 4; Latvia 3, Sweden 10; Denmark 5, Switzerland 6 (extra end): Norway 7, Netherlands 5.

Round 2: Norway 6, Scotland 5; Finland 8, Latvia 9; Germany 9, Denmark 3; Sweden 5, Netherland s 4 (extra end); Russia 8, Switzerland 5.

GROUP A MEN, after 2 rounds:
Denmark, won 2, lost 0
Germany 2-0
Norway 2-0
Sweden 2-0
France 1-1
Switzerland 1-1
Czech Republic 0-2
Netherlands 0-2
Russia 0-2
Scotland 0-2.

GROUP A WOMEN, after 2 rounds:
Norway won 2, lost 0
Russia 2-0
Sweden 2-0
Germany 1-1
Latvia 1-1
Scotland 1-1
Switzerland 1-1
Denmark 0-2
Finland 0-2
Netherlands 0-2.

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