ECC 2010 Women's Finals & Bronze Game

Sweden's Stina Viktorsson beat Scotland's Eve Muirhead by 8-6 in a high-class final on Saturday afternoon at the Le Gruyère European Curling Championships in Champéry, Switzerland to take gold and her first European crown.

The game see-sawed between the two teams five times. The Scots started well, scoring two in the first end with a simple draw by Muirhead. However, Sweden responded with their own two in the second end, thanks to a nice double take-out and stay by Viktorsson. Scotland could only take a single in the third and when, after blanking the fourth, Sweden scored another two in the fifth, they had a half-time 4-3 lead. They built on this with a single steal in the sixth and then Scotland scored two and stole a single in the eighth to take the lead again, at 6-5, when a Swedish clear-out attempt left one Scottish stone counting.

In the ninth, Muirhead could only move one Swedish stone rather than the two she was looking for, and this gave Sweden a draw for another two and a 7-6 lead. The tenth end came down to Muirhead's last stone attempt to shift all three of a Swedish cluster, but she either got it wrong, or the angle wasn't there, and the Swedes stole another, for victory.

Afterwards Viktorsson said, "it feels fantastic to be European champion, I can't realise it yet. We really played as a team and we had a lot of fun out there. I think we did quite well, taking it easy, playing smart and playing our shots".

Speaking about the last and crucial shot, Muirhead said, "we thought that last shot was there. We wouldn't have gone for it if we didn't think it was there. I still think it's there now and I think if my stone had swung another inch when we look at it now, we wouldn't have been far away. When those shots come off - great, but I missed it".

More generally, she added, "silver again, it's getting to be a bit of a trend. These silvers will make the gold even more valuable when it comes".

Earlier, Switzerland landed a bronze double when Mirjam Ott led their women's team to a 9-5 win over Russia's Ludmila Privivkova, and Christof Schwaller was a 7-4 winner over Germany's Andy Kapp.


Final/Gold medal game: Sweden 8, Scotland 6.
Bronze medal game: Switzerland 9, Russia 5.
Bronze medal game: Switzerland 7, Germany 4.

Women's Final Standings:
1. Sweden 9-3 (Gold)
2. Scotland 9-2 (Silver)
3. Switzerland 8-3 (Bronze)
4. Russia 7-5
5. Denmark 5-4
6. Norway 5-4
7. Germany 4-5
8. Latvia 2-7 (Playing World Challenge)
9. Finland 1-8
10. Netherlands 0-9.

Men's Standings after Bronze:
Norway 8-2 (Play Gold/Final)
Denmark 8-3 (Play Gold/Final)
3. Switzerland 8-4 (Bronze)
4. Germany 7-4
5. Scotland 5-4
6. Sweden 5-4
7. Czech Republic 4-6
8. France 3-7 (Play World Challenge)
9. Russia 1-8
10. Netherlands 1-8

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