Spain teams win European Curling Championships C-Division 2017

  • Photo: © WCF / Alina Androsova

Spain’s women’s and men’s teams have won the European Curling Championships C-Division 2017, in Andorra’s Palau de Gel d’Andorra.

In winning the gold medals, they have also qualified for the Le Gruyère AOP European Curling Championships B-Division 2017, which will be held in St Gallen, Switzerland, between 17 and 25 November.

This is the first-time Spain’s women’s and men’s teams have won gold medals at World Curling Federation championships.

Also, qualifying for the B-Division and taking home silver medals were Poland women and France men.

Spain women trailed Poland, 4-5, at the fifth end break, in their gold medal game on Saturday (13 May) morning. However, the team made up of skip Oihane Otaegi, third Leire Otaegi, second Aitana Saenz, lead Asuncion Materola and alternate Estrella Labrador, started the second half strongly with three points in the sixth end. Single point scores in the ninth and tenth end, from Poland, then set up an extra end with the teams tied at 9-9. However, in the extra end Spain scored the one point needed for the win, 10-9.

Poland then played the winner of the game between the third and fourth ranked teams from the round-robin, in a silver medal final. Slovakia had beaten Ireland 11-3, in that 3v4 game in the morning. Then, in the silver medal final a score of three points for Poland in the third end, helped them to a 6-4 win over Slovakia. Silver medallists, Poland were made up of skip Marta Szeliga-Frynia, third Adela Walczak, second Zuzanna Rybicka, lead Barbara Karwat and Maria Stefanska. Slovakia took home bronze medals.

Despite, having a 4-1 lead after the fourth end Spain’s men’s team also had to play an extra end before winning their gold medal game against Ireland. With a score of three points in the ninth end, followed by a single point steal in the tenth end, Ireland locked the scores at 5-5. However, in the extra end Spain scored two points to ensure the victory, 7-5. Spain men were made up of skip Sergio Vez, third Mikel Unanue, second Antonio De Mollinedo, lead Eduardo De Paz and alternate Angel Garcia.

France won against Belarus 8-4 in their 3v4 game, on Saturday morning. This set up a silver medal game between France and Ireland. In that game, going into the tenth end and behind by a single point, France scored two points to win 7-6 and collect silver medals and a place in the B-Division. Meanwhile, Ireland were bronze medallists. France men were, fourth Theo Ducroz, third Quentin Morard, skip Eddy Mercier, lead Killian Gaudin and alternate Thierry Mercier.

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