European Junior Curling Challenge 2014 Day 3

Day three of the European Junior Curling Challenge 2014 saw some exciting games between the top teams of the groups.

Germany men remain in the play-off hunt in Group B Photo: Katja Kiiskinen

Czech Republic men, coached by 2001 World Junior Curling Championship silver medallist Sune Frederiksen from Denmark, had a day full of tough games.

In the morning they secured a 7-4 victory over Germany, but their evening game against Turkey was a lot tighter.

The teams went into the eighth end tied 2-2 but Czech Republic had the advantage of the last stone. They played the last end well tactically knowing that Turkey had to try and go for the steal to win the game.

Turkey’s draw attempts failed and Czech Republic had the easy task of taking the win with a score of four points from the eighth end.

Thanks to these two wins, the Czech Republic are leading the junior men’s B group with four wins and remain the only team that is undefeated in that group.

In the junior men’s A group, Austria and the Netherlands also continued in great form, both remaining undefeated with three wins.

On the junior women’s side, the Hungarian team, skipped by the current World Mixed Doubles champion Dorottya Palancsa, is leading the B group with three wins. They are the only team in their group that is still undefeated.

Also in the junior women's A group, Veronica Zappone’s Italian team remain undefeated with three wins after a 7-4 win over Spain and a 9-3 win over Norway today.

Although defeated 7-4 by Italy today, Spain women got their first win of the event last night as they defeated Slovenia 11-7.

Speaking about Spain's men's and women's teams' performance so far, the coach of the Spanish junior men's team Antonio Mollinedo said: "We're obviously really missing Irantzu’s (Garcia-Vez) and Sergio’s (Vez) experience in this year’s event. In the girl’s team, the front end players are beginners, but the girl’s skip is making a lot of shots at the moment and keeping her team in the game until the last ends, which gives them a chance to win games.

"The guys are playing amazing, but do not perhaps have the experience to win games yet. However, the teams in the tournament seem very even with each other, so I expect there will be a lot of teams fighting for the play-off spots."

The first games on Monday start at 9.00 am local time. The Finnish Curling Channel will show games played on sheet C during all the rounds.

Standings after Day 3:

Group A:

Austria 3-0
Netherlands 3-0
Denmark 2-2
England 2-2
Finland 1-2
Slovenia 1-3
Spain 0-3

Group B:
Czech Republic 4-0
Germany 2-1
Turkey 2-1
Estonia 2-2
Hungary 1-2
Latvia 1-2
Poland 0-4

Group A:

Italy 3-0
Poland 2-1
Norway 2-2
Spain 1-2
Slovenia 1-2
Turkey 1-3

Group B:
Hungary 3-0
England 2-1
Estonia 2-1
Germany 1-2
Latvia 1-2
Finland 0-3

Follow the results from the EJCC 2014 here:

And a live webcast from the event can be seen here:

WCF Member Associations that have already qualified teams for the World Junior Curling Championships 2014 are:

Junior Women: Russia (Gold 2013), Scotland (Silver 2013), Czech Republic, Sweden, Denmark, USA, Switzerland, and Canada.

Junior Men: Scotland (Gold 2013), Russia (Silver 2013), Canada (Bronze 2013), Sweden, Norway, Italy, USA and Switzerland.
Further information about the World Juniors 2014 can be seen here on the event website:

The Pacific-Asia Junior Curling Championships 2014 will take place in Harbin, China, from 9-14 January following a day of training on 8 January. It will be the 10th edition of the event.

Five junior men’s and five junior women’s teams from Australia, China, Japan, Korea and New Zealand will compete in the event.
All teams will play a double round robin through to Monday 13 January.
Semi-finals and finals will be held on Tuesday 14.

The winning junior men's and junior women's teams will qualify for the 2014 World Junior Championships in Flims.