Finance Commission

The WCF Finance Commission is currently chaired by Board Member and former Director of Finance Andy Anderson the role of the Commission is to oversee the finances of the World Curling Federation and act as an internal audit group.

The Commission reports to the Board and to the Member Associations during the Annual Congress. It meets annual at the Annual Congress and communicates regularly via email. They receive Quarterly Management Accounts and receive advance copies of the Annual Accounts and Budget in order to allow them to provide advice to the Board.

The current members of the Commission are Chair Andy Anderson (USA); John Anderson (AUS), Hugh Avery (CAN); Marcus Schmitt (AST) and the is a vacancy following the death of Gerrit-Jan Scholten (NED), this will be filled by the Board in Sept 2017. The WCF Finance Controller Thelma Black and WCF Secretary General Colin Grahamslaw are non-voting members of the Commission.

Vacancies on the Commission are advised to the Member Associations who are invited to submit nominations which are considered by the Board. The Board makes the decision as to who is invited to sit on the Commission based on their experience and knowledge taking into account the gender and geographic balance of the Commission.

 Terms of Reference - Finance Commission
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