Ford World Women's Curling Championship 2012 Bronze

Canada beat Korea 9-6 to win the Bronze medal at the Ford World Women’s Curling Championship in Lethbridge, Canada on Sunday morning.

Canada celebrations on winning bronze Photo: WCF/CCA/Michael Burns

For Korea it was a little piece of history - a first-ever play-off appearance; for Canada, it was a disappointment not to be playing for gold.

Korea opened the scoring in the first end, but could only score one point when skip Ji-Sun Kim’s last stone hit but rolled out, instead of staying in for two.

Canada’s Heather Nedohin opened her account in the second end with a good double take-out to score two, and then increased her lead by stealing a single point in the third.

In the fourth end, Korea’s Kim drew for two to level the score at 3-3, but Canada responded strongly in the fifth end when Nedohin produced a double take-out to score three.

In the sixth end, Kim was facing four Canadian counting stones when she drew her own final stone inside them to score one. Canada put another single point on the scoreboard in the seventh end, and then Kim played a well-judged double take-out in the eighth for two points, to reduce the Canadian lead to 7-6.

In the ninth end, Nedohin hit out a Korean stone on the button, leaving another of her stones in the house to score one, and in the tenth, Kim’s attempt to tap-out a Canadian counter hit a guard on the way in, giving Canada a steal of one for a 9-6 victory and Canada’s 28th World Championship medal.

Afterwards, a celebrating Nedohin said, “this has been an amazing experience. We’re just really glad that we worked together as a unit - it’s been a strong week, a hard week, we’ve learned a lot about our team in adversity. And we’re really proud to have worn the maple leaf here in Lethbridge.”

Speaking about the support she and her team have been given she said, “it’s a great feeling to represent Canada in Canada, everybody’s supportive. The crowd didn’t just help us just today – it’s been all week”. Reflecting that the colour of her medal is bronze she said, “gold is always golden, but when you win and get a bronze you feel good as a unit. At this level, it’s a very proud moment”. And about her team she said simply “we believed.”

Korean skip Ji-Sun Kim was as courteous as ever after the game. She said, “we did not win today and we’re sad that we lost, but Canada played a good game. Nobody really knows about curling in Korea, today’s game was being broadcast in Korea, so more people will be watching and learning about curling now, and hopefully we’ll have more support in the future.”

Bronze: Korea 6, Canada 9

Standings after Semi-final
Sweden 9-3 (to play Gold Medal Game on Sunday at 16:30 Local)
Switzerland 9-4 (to play Gold Medal Game on Sunday)
3. Canada 9-5 BRONZE
4. Korea 9-5
5. USA 7-5
6. Scotland 6-5
7. Germany 5-6
8. Denmark 5-6
9. Russia 4-7
10. Italy 3-8
11. China 3-8
12. Czech Republic 2-9

Gold Medal Game: Sweden v Switzerland