Ford World Women’s Curling Championship 2012 Day 7 (Tiebreaker)


Canada will now face Korea in the 3v4 Playoff on Saturday Photo: WCF/CCA/Michael Burns

Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada – Canada are through to the playoff stages of the 2012 Ford World Women’s Curling Championship after beating USA 9-8 in the only tiebreaker of the event.

This result guarantees Canada the fourth final stage spot and a place in the 3v4 playoff against Korea, which will be played at 13:00 (local time) on Saturday, 24 March at the Enmax Centre in Lethbridge.

In front of a crowd of nearly 2,800, the key moment in the whole game came in the second end when USA Skip Allison Pottinger missed a takeout to give Canadian Skip Heather Nedohin a simple draw to take a 4-0 lead. From then on it was an uphill struggle for the Americans, who came into this tiebreaker having won their previous seven games.

In the third end, Pottinger made a simple draw to take one point before Nedohin scored another two points with a hit and roll in the fourth end to take them onto a 6-1 lead. In the fifth end, Pottinger halved the scoreline to 6-3 with a double take-out with her last stone to score two, before Nedohin made a simple draw for one point in the sixth end.

Pottinger hit back with a double take-out to score two points in the seventh end and narrow the score to 7-5. In the eighth end the US skip was heavy with her final stone to give Nedohin a draw for two points.

In the ninth end, Pottinger cleared two Canadian stones to score two and leave her team down 9-7 going into the final end. The Americans needed two points to tie the game, or three for a win but were without hammer (last stone advantage). Canada took advantage of a missed shot by USA third Nicole Joraanstad who clipped a guard. In the end it was left to Nedohin to clear up, managing to remove all but one USA stone. Final score 9-8.

Afterwards, Canadian Skip, Heather Nedohin was pleased to bounce back following her poor performance yesterday [losing to Italy and Scotland]. She said:

“I didn’t have a good day on Thursday. I didn’t show up and the team needed me and I said today that I needed to play well. I thought on the whole the team played really well, I had opportunities to make shots and I think we nailed them as a team .There was some really good team shots today.”

USA Skip, Allison Pottinger was disappointed after giving up four points so early in the game. She said: “I don’t think there were nerves at play today, I just think the ice was moving more today. My first shot was actually the one that sets it up [the four pointer in the second end], where we curl a little bit too much. At that point we were actually sitting one and all I had to do was get one somewhere over in the eight foot, like a six or seven and we’re in pretty good shape, but it over curled. We had nice weight but it over curled and we didn’t have enough broom.”

Tiebreaker: USA 8, Canada 9

Standings after Tiebreaker
1. Sweden 8-3
2. Switzerland 8-3
3. Korea 8-3
4. Canada 8-4
5. USA 7-5
6. Scotland 6-5
7. Germany 5-6
8. Denmark 5-6
9. Russia 4-7
10. Italy 3-8
11. China 3-8
12. Czech Republic 2-9

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