United States' Elmer Freytag entered into World Curling Hall of Fame

  • Elmer Freytag's daughter Dotti Freytag Howe and grandson Stephan Beck Von Peccoz collect his award © WCF / Richard Gray

The World Curling Federation has inducted Elmer Freytag, a key influencer in the formation of the International Curling Federation — precursor to the World Curling Federation — into its Hall of Fame at the Orleans Arena, in Las Vegas, United States.

The presentation, of the World Curling Federation's highest non-playing honour, took place at the 361º World Men’s Curling Championship 2018.

Freytag was instrumental in founding the International Curling Federation in 1965. A Chicago attorney, Freytag drafted the original constitution for the new federation and became its American representative.

A founder of the Chicago Curling Club, Freytag was on the advisory board for the Scotch Cup and Air Canada Silver Broom — now the World Men's Curling Championship, an event that has grown to include an unprecedented 13 teams from three international zones.

In recognition of his contributions to the sport the Elmer Freytag Award was introduced after his death in 1976. The award is now given to the inductees of the World Curling Hall of Fame and recognises both builders of the sport and its athletes.

Freytag is joining the World Curling Hall of Fame as a builder whose extensive efforts in curling’s early days as an organised sport established the framework for the sport to grow into its present day form.

With 60 Member Associations, the World Curling Federation is now ten times the size of the original federation Freytag helped to found.

For more information on the World Curling Hall of Fame, go to: www.worldcurling.org/world-curling-hall-of-fame

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