Member Association Spotlight: January 2019

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From Al Cameron, Curling Canada

Curling Canada is bringing the country together for Canada’s inaugural Curling Day on Saturday 23 February.

The new initiative was set up to celebrate the great sport of curling from coast to coast and will feature curling centres all over Canada telling their stories of why the Roaring Game is so special within their communities.

As well, the first-ever Canada-wide game will take place, as curling centres will keep track of scores in games played on 23 February and submit them for a national score — top of the scoreboard vs. bottom of the scoreboard.

As part of the Canada-wide games, participants will be encouraged to donate a $CAD 1 coin (a loonie) to the Curling Canada Foundation, to be invested into scholarships for youth curlers.

You can find out more about Curling Day in Canada at the website,


From Linda Mangale, Latvian Curling Association

In December 2018, curling had its first inter-schools championship in Latvia’s capital, Riga. The event for fourth to sixth grade pupils saw 11 schools, 31 teams and 124 participants taking part.

To start, the event was split into the four regions of Riga. Then, the teams that won the ‘regional’ competitions progressed to finals.

There were some variations to the rules of curling – games were four ends, teams didn’t slide or sweep and players weren’t allowed to throw take-outs, removing stones from the rings.

Stones could be tapped into the house, which made the games exciting because lots of thinking was involved. If games were tied after four ends there was a single-stone shoot-out to decide the winner.


From Olga Jarkova, Russian Curling Federation

Three sheets of curling ice were installed in the central part of Moscow, at the New Arbat Street as part of the Moscow Winter Festival - Journey to Christmas.

The festival ran from 14 December 2018 until 13 January 2019 and all curling fans and visitors had a chance to enjoy curling free of charge.

There was online booking for those who wanted to play with friends and one sheet for everyone who wanted to try the game. Tournaments for students, kids, families and media were organised, as well as the master classes with the best Russian curlers.

More than 12,000 people came to try the game during the Journey to Christmas Festival which had a great impact on curling’s popularity.
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