New members appointed to World Curling Federation Standing Commissions

The World Curling Federation (WCF) Board has welcomed new members to its Standing Commissions, following its recent meetings in Basel, Switzerland.

Olga Zharkova from Russia, who won Gold at the Le Gruyère European Curling Championships in 2006 joins the Competition and Rules Commission, while Curling Canada’s Hugh Avery and Netherlands Curling Association’s Gerrit-Jan Scholten join the Finance Commission.

Jennifer Stannard of USA and Denmark’s two-time World Women’s Curling Championship Bronze medallist and Olympian Susanne Slotsager are appointed to the Governance Commission.

WCF President Kate Caithness welcomed the new members, saying: “It is my pleasure to welcome Olga, Hugh, Gerrit-Jan, Jennifer and Susanne onto our Standing Commissions. Each one of them will bring valuable knowledge and experience to their individual roles and respective Commissions.

“The WCF Board also thanks Karel Kubeska, Didi Kolb and Olli Rissanen, who are stepping down, for their service to the Commissions and the World Curling Federation.”

Competition and Rules Commission

The Competitions and Rules Commission serves as an independent and consultative body to the WCF Board and Assembly working in conjunction with the Athlete’s Commission and Regional Zonal Commissions. The Commission recommends changes to competitions and rules in-line with the mission and ambitions of the WCF. Its members are:

Hugh Millikin, Chair (AUS/Board)
Hew Chalmers (SCO/Board)
Graham Prouse (CAN/Board)
Paul Alghren (SWE)
John Brown (ENG)
Hans Frauenlob (NZL)
Danny Lamoureux (CAN)
Mark Swandby (USA)
Olga Zharkova (RUS)
Keith Wendorf (Staff)
Leif Ohman (SWE/Technical Adviser)

Finance Commission

The goal of the Finance Commission is to ensure that the WCF is fulfilling its responsibility to have adequate financial and audit procedures in order to provide accurate reporting to the Member Association representatives, the Board of Directors, and Management. Its members are:

Andy Anderson, Chair (USA/Board)
John Anderson (AUS)
Hugh Avery (CAN)
Markus Schmitt (AUT)
Gerrit-Jan Scholten (NED)
Thelma Black (Staff)

Governance Commission

The goal of the Governance Commission is to advise, assist and educate the WCF and its Member Association’s of Governance best-practices, to achieve and maintain robust and appropriate democratic organisation that subsequently maximizes the potential of the sport of curling. Its members are:

Laura Lochanski, Chair (CAN/Board)
Willie Nicol (SCO)
Jennifer Stannard (USA)
Susanne Slotsager (DEN)

The President and Secretary General serve ex-officio on all Standing Commissions.

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