Curling’s world rankings enhanced for new Olympic and Paralympic cycle

  • Canada in action in the World Mixed final © WCF / Jeffrey Au

The World Curling Federation has introduced changes to enhance its world ranking system this season, as the new Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games quadrennial begins.

The first world ranking under the new system has been published today – the mixed curling world ranking – following the conclusion of the Winn Rentals World Mixed Curling Championship 2018 in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.

The world ranking changes were approved in 2016 but only now take effect, following the 2018 Games in PyeongChang, South Korea.

The changes were made following feedback from Member Associations and are predominantly to give a clearer insight to the year-on-year progress of nations in each ranking.

Also, the number of points awarded at the Olympics and Paralympics – previously double that of a World Curling Championship – have been revised and given an equitable balance with the World Curling Championships.

Points will now be scored over four years, rather than six years, so that only one Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games is taken into consideration at one time.

Points are awarded once per season, per discipline, to Member Associations. Member Associations are allocated points either, after the Americas, European and Pacific-Asia regional qualifiers and the World Qualification Event or after the World Mixed, Wheelchair, Women’s, Men’s and Mixed Doubles Curling Championships.

For more information on how the World Rankings are determined visit,

The World Curling Federation’s world rankings were first introduced in 2006 by Switzerland’s 1998 Olympic champion Patrick Huerlimann. The world rankings are administered on behalf of the organisation by Sweden’s Paul Ahlgren.

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