China defeat Korea to compete for Pacific-Asia championship gold medals

  • China win to move onto the gold medal game © WCF / Tom Rowland

China will join Japan in the Pacific-Asia Curling Championships 2018 men’s gold medal final and also qualify for the Pioneer Hi-Bred World Men’s Curling Championship 2019 in Lethbridge, Canada after defeating Korea, 9-6, in the 1v4 semi-final in Gangneung, Republic of Korea.

Korea will now face New Zealand for the bronze medals tomorrow (Saturday 10 November) morning and have also qualified for the World Qualification Event 2019 in Naseby, New Zealand where they will have another opportunity to reach the world championship.

The bronze medal game will take place at 08:30 Korea Standard Time (KST) and will be followed at 16:30 KST by the men’s gold medal final.

China opened the scoring in the men’s 1v4 semi-final with a big score of three points after skip, Qiang Zou, with his last stone, played a raise take-out on the lone Korea counter on the button.

Korea responded in the second end when skip, SooHyuk Kim played a delicate tap of the China counter to score two points and close the score to 2-3.

China increased their lead in the third end, when Zou hit out a Korea counter in the four-foot and managed to keep his shooter in the house for a score of one point. In the fourth end, Kim attempted to play a double take-out of the two China counters, but wrecked on a guard, giving up a steal of two points, increasing China’s lead to 6-2.

Korea recovered with a score of two points in the fifth end after Kim, already sitting shot stone, had an open draw to the button with his last stone and Korea reduced the deficit in the sixth end after forcing a steal of one point.

The teams traded single point scores over the next two ends, then in the ninth end, Kim attempted a difficult double take-out but was only able to remove one China counter. Then Zou, using his last stone advantage in the end played a draw to the four-foot ring to score two points and increase their lead to 9-6.

China then ran Korea out of stones in the tenth end for the 9-6 win and a place in the gold medal final.

After their semi-final win, China skip Qiang Zou said, “That steal of two in the fourth end was important for this game. We had a good communication in this end, so we could make some shots. Qualifying for the worlds feels so exciting and so good and this is a teamwork and we will prepare for tomorrow’s game. We will do the same things as we did today and this week to prepare for the final.”


Men’s semi-final: China 9-6 Korea.

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