Korea reach Pacific-Asia Curling Championships 2018 women’s gold medal game

  • Korea qualify for the gold medal game and the World Women's championship © WCF / Tom Rowland

Hosts Korea have become the first team to reach the gold medal final of the Pacific-Asia Curling Championships 2018 women’s competition and qualify for the World Women’s Curling Championship in Silkeborg, Denmark in March 2019, after defeating China, 7-4, in the opening semi-final.

China will now compete in the women’s bronze medal game on Saturday (10 November) morning at 08:30 Korea Standard Time (KST) and have also qualified for the inaugural World Qualification Event taking place in Naseby, New Zealand in January 2019.

The remaining women’s semi-final and both men’s semi-finals are held tomorrow (Friday 9 November). The women’s game featuring Japan v Hong Kong will take place at 14:00. The men’s first semi-final will take place at 09:00 featuring Japan v New Zealand and will be followed at 19:00 by China v Korea in the second semi-final.

The women’s semi-final winners will compete in the gold medal final on Saturday at 12:30, while the men’s semi-final winners will compete for the gold medals at 16:30. Both bronze medal games are played at the same time earlier on Saturday morning, at 08:30.

All times are Korea Standard Time (KST).

In Thursday evening’s semi-final, Korea opened the scoring in the second end with a single point steal, after China fourth player Yilun Jiang’s draw with her last stone, while facing a Korea counter, tapped back a China stone on the edge of the button.

China levelled the score in the third end after Jiang was forced to play a difficult raise take-out and was slightly wide, removing the Korea stone but also a counter of her own, scoring only one point from the end.

Korea retook the lead in the fourth end after a raise take-out by skip, Minji Kim gave them a score of three points to make the score 4-1. Korea then stole a single point in the fifth end to lead 5-1 at the break.

In the sixth end, facing four Korean counters, Jiang was forced to play a draw to the four-foot, but was slightly heavy and gave up a steal of one point to extend Korea’s lead to 6-1.

The seventh end saw China bounce back after Jiang was left with an open hit for two points with her last stone to close the score to 3-6. In the eighth end, Kim attempted a double take-out with her final stone but was unable to remove the Chinese counter from the button, giving up a steal of one point.

In the ninth end, Kim made amends with another difficult double take-out attempt with her final stone, this time clearing the two China stones from the house and scoring a single point to increase their lead to 7-4. Then in the tenth end, Korea ran China out of stones for the win and a place in the gold medal final.

Afterwards, Kim said, “Before this game we tried to talk a lot about the game, that’s why we didn’t make any mistakes. This was the semi-final, before the final, so we were under a lot of pressure. We tried to relax and relax, that’s the key point. Actually, this Pacific-Asia championship is our first time to be here and the world women’s will be our first one as well, that’s why we were a little bit under pressure. We are happy and we have a good reason to be in the world women’s.”


Women’s semi-final: China 4-7 Korea.

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