Constitution and Policy Documents

Following the election of the new Board in 2010 after the Vancouver Olympics it was agreed to review the Governance of the World Curling Federation (WCF) and propose a new updated constitution to the membership.

Following two years of consultation the new Constitution was approved at the 2013 WCF Congress in Copenhagen, Denmark. The main changes saw the removal of guaranteed places on the Board for Canada, Scotland and the USA, the introductions of zonal vice-presidents to ensure a geographic spread of Board members, new terms of office for Board members and a new system that ensured continuity of Board members by offsetting the elections for various positions.

The new constitution also strengthened the use of Commissions and introduced a new voting system recognising the different size and scale of the Member Associations of the WCF.

In addition to the constitution there are a number of Policies adopted by the Board to ensure the open and ethical operation of the WCF.

 Constitution (Showing Changes approved at the 2016 AGA)
 Voting Numbers
 Code of Ethics
 Code of Conduct Policy
 Code of Conduct Policy - Appendix A
 Conflict of Interest Policy
 Conflict of Interest Policy - WCF Board Championship Events and External Organisations
 Harassment and Bullying Policy
 Gift and Hospitality Policy
 Escalation/Appeals Policy
 Communication Policy
 Olympic Movement Code on the Manipulation of Competitions (approved at 2017 AGA)
 Disciplinary Sanctions Escalation Appeal Policy (Sept 2017)
 Discipline and Appeal Cases
 Competition Policy and Procedures Manual (Dec 2018)
 Policies and Rules for Brush Heads and Brushing (Sept 2018)
 Wheelchair Curling Policy (Oct 2018)
 Privacy Policy (organisation)
 Privacy Policy (website)
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