Canada win to move into third place as the hunt for play-off spots tightens

  • Canada steal extra-end win Photo © WCF / Céline Stucki

Canada stole an extra end, 6-5, win against United States in Tuesday (13 March) evening's eleventh session of round-robin play of the Paralympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018 in the Gangneung Curling Centre to move into clear third place in the rankings behind Korea and China.

United States opened the scoring in their game against Canada with two points in the first end and followed that with a steal of one point in the second end. After this Canada went on to score a single point in the third end before stealing three single points over the next three ends.

Canada trailed 5-4 in the eighth end and had an opportunity with the last stone to win the game, but skip Mark Ideson's draw was light, only scoring of one point and taking the game to an extra end.

In that extra end, Canada managed to secure two shot stones in the four-foot, protected behind several guards, when United States skip, Kirk Black, prepared to throw the game's final stone. Black's draw was a touch wide, tapping back one Canadian shot stone, but leaving the other in scoring position, giving Canada the single point steal and the 6-4 win.

Korea continued their impressive form in front of a loud and enthusiastic home crowd, with a 6-5 win over Switzerland. Korea opened with a score of two points in the first end before the teams traded single points for the next three ends.

In the fifth end, Switzerland stole a single point, before Korea hit back with a score of three points in the sixth end to take a 6-3 lead. Switzerland scored a single point in the seventh end but were only able to steal one point in the eighth end, which ultimately wasn't enough to level the game, giving Korea the 6-5 win that keeps them joint at the top of the table with China.

Neutral Paralympic Athletes (NPA) defeated Great Britain 8-2 with a strong performance that saw them score in six of the seven ends played.

NPA stole single points in both the first and second ends, before Great Britain replied with a score of two points in the third end, which would be their only points of the game. From there, NPA scored a single point in the fourth end, then scored two-point steals in both the fifth and six ends, before a single point steal in the seventh end was enough for Great Britain to concede.

Norway battled back from a 6-2 deficit at the fourth end break against Germany to win 8-6, where they scored two points in the fifth end, then stole single points in the sixth and seventh ends. Norway then stole a further two points in the eighth end to seal their win.

They said it

Mark Ideson; skip, Canada (after 6-5 win over United States): "We felt pretty confident. It was an emotional win. I feel like the momentum shifted a few times throughout the game, and I got lucky with the shot in five, that kind of kick-started the things for us. We seem to have a way to come back. I think we might wanna work on starting a little quicker. We've got to find a way to start early and keep it close and we won't have to take so many risks as the game goes on. We're getting away with some now, but when you're stealing, there's always lots of rocks in play, so we could also give up a big end. When my last rock went deep I thought it was over."

Jostein Stordahl; skip, Norway (after 8-6 win over Germany): "It was marvellous! We struggled in the first four ends, the ice was very tricky, you were short or you were heavy, so it was difficult to find the right speed, so we gave the German team four points. But we managed to come back, we figured out the ice and kept the pressure on."

Session 11 results: Neutral Paralympic Athletes 8-2 Great Britain; Canada 6-5 United States; Switzerland 5-6 Korea; Germany 6-8 Norway.

Standings after session 11 (win-loss):

China 6-1
Korea 6-1
Canada 5-2
Great Britain 4-3
Germany 4-3
Neutral Paralympic Athletes 4-3
Norway 3-4
Switzerland 3-4
Slovakia 3-4
Sweden 2-5
Finland 1-6
United States 1-6

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