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Junior Recruitment Programme

The sport of curling has seen a high rate of growth in recent years, with each Olympic cycle attracting new countries to the sport.

Discover Curling

With curling enjoying its status as one of the fastest growing Winter Olympic Sports, the World Curling Federation and Curling Canada have worked together to produce indepth written and video

Discover Wheelchair Curling

Should you wish to create your own language version of the combined videos below you are free to do so. All of the assets for translation are available to you at - http://www.wcf.

Camps & Courses

Visit to register for any of the upcoming WCF Camps & Courses.

Curling Timing Training

These videos are designed to help with the instruction of volunteers who wish to become timekeepers. It is assumed the volunteers have a basic knowledge of the game.

Curl Distance App

Together with our results service provider, Curlit (www.curlit.

Olympic Celebration Tour

The World Curling Federation (WCF) Olympic Celebration Tour - Road to the Olympics, is a series of instructional tours with curling Olympians intended to attract interest and promote curling within

Competition Hosting Manual

Available to download below is a comprehensive reference manual and additional documents which are intended to provide important information and advice for the Local Organising Committees who will

Curling Equipment Programme

The Curling Equipment Programme (CEP) was designed to assist Member Associations by providing them with a specified amount of curling equipment for distribution at one of their organised camps or

Curling Rinks & Curling Ice

Here you will find technical and financial advice offered by the World Curling Federation for building a curling rink.

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