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Rules and Regulations
Please find below relevant documents and information available to download regarding the Rules and Regulation of curling.  The Rules of Curling (October 2016) The Rules of Curling Showing Changes (September 2016) Summary Rule and Policy Changes 2015 WCF Constitution (Septemb
Anti-Doping Rules
Please find below documents and links to the latest information regarding Anti-Doping Rules for the sport of Curling. // $(window).load(function(){ }); //-->  WCF Anti-Doping Rules 2016 v6.0 WCF Anti-DopingRules 2015 v5.1 redlined to v5.
WCF Communication (brush update)
Perth, Scotland Thursday 25 February 2016The World Curling Federation continues to monitor the developments around sweeping issues that have occurred this season. It will continue to take the steps it sees necessary for the good of the game based on testing around ice impact and damage and its exist
Updated rules and regulations for 2016
Download the updated Rules and Regulations for 2016. \'>
Rules and Regulations