Russia women & Norway men win gold at Winter Universiade 2015

  • Russia women won their second consecutive Winter Universiade title Photo: WCF/Katja Kiiskinen

Russia women and Norway men have won the gold medals at the Winter Universiade 2015 in Granada, Spain.

Norway men win Winter Universiade Gold Photo: WCF/Katja Kiiskinen

In the women’s final, Russia faced Canada. The Canadians, on an unbeaten record before the final, were skipped by Breanne Meakin. They built up an early lead thanks to a steal of three points in the third end and were leading 6-2 by the fifth end break.

The second half of the game saw the Russians, skipped by Anna Sidorova, turn the score around, aided by what happened in the sixth end. After Canada missed a few peels and left their last draw just a little bit short, Russia had an easy task of scoring a three with a simple takeout, making the score 5-6.

Russia kept up their good form and, by the tenth end, they were able to force Canada to take just one point, tying the game up and forcing an extra end. In the extra end, Canada’s last stone draw to lie shot was short and left Russia with a take out for a 9-8 win and a second consecutive Winter Universiade title after winning the women’s event in 2013.

Anna Sidorova, was very proud of her team’s comeback. She said: ”That probably was the comeback of the year! They [Canada] played really well at the beginning. There were a couple of mistakes from my side, when I was too long with two draws and we gave them a chance to go away on the scoreboard.”

Meakin, her Canadian opponent admitted: “It was a tough loss, you know. We played great all week. It was just a few missed shots in the last half that we’d like to have back. But you know, it’s sport and I couldn’t have been a part of a better team.”

In the men’s gold medal game, Norway, skipped by Steffen Walstad, met Russia, skipped by Evgeny Arkhipov. After a defensive start, Russia upped the stakes in the sixth end with a raised double take out by the Skip Arikhipov, paving the way for Russia to secure three points and establish a 4-2 lead.

Norway tied the game up in the seventh end. Then Russia took a further two points in the eighth end to lead 6-4.The Norwegians took a single in the ninth and stole one in the tenth to tie the game and head to an extra end without hammer. However, Arkhipov’s final draw overcurled slightly to allow Norway to steal a point for a 7-6 win.

After the game a delighted Norwegian skip Steffen Walstad reflected on the game and said: “Arkhipov hit a lot of the game, so then when it came close to the end, I don’t know if he was sure of the draw weight.”

Speaking on behalf of the Russian side, coach Bob Ursel said “It was a well-played game on both sides. We had a chance to win it. The tournament was fantastic all around, and hats off to Norway. They really battled and played a good game.”

Final Standings
After Gold medal games (W-L)
1. Russia 9-2 (Gold)
2. Canada 10-1 (Silver)
3. Switzerland 7-5 (Bronze)
4. Sweden 7-4
5. Korea 5-5
6. Norway 4-5
7. Great Britain 4-5
8. USA 3-6
9. Japan 1-8
10. Spain 0-9

1. Norway 9-2 (Gold)
2. Russia 8-2 (Silver)
3. Great Britain 7-4 (Bronze)
4. Sweden 6-5
5. Canada 5-4
6. Czech Republic 3-6
7. Japan 3-6
8. USA 4-6
9. Switzerland 3-7
10. Spain 2-7

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