Tårnby, Denmark to host 2013 European C-Group Championships

The World Curling Federation (WCF) is pleased to announce that Tårnby Curling Club in Denmark, will host the European C-Group Curling Championships from 7-13 October 2013.

Tårnby Curling Club, host of the 2013 European C-Group Curling Championships Photo: Tårnby Curling Club

From the C-Group Championships, two men’s and two women’s teams will qualify for the 2013 European Curling Championships B-Group event in Stavanger, Norway, which will take place from 23-30 November in the Sørmarka Arena, alongside the A-Group European Curling Championships.

“Our colleagues at Tårnby Curling Club and the Danish Curling Association have shown great expertise in organising international championship events in the past and the WCF expects this event to be no exception,” said WCF President Kate Caithness. She added: “This competition provides an excellent opportunity for our Member Associations to progress to the next stage of international competition.”

Chairman of the Local Organising Committee, Johannes Jensen, said: “It’s once again a big honour for Tårnby Curling Club to be hosting an international curling event and working together, side by side, with the World Curling Federation. We are very much looking forward to having the C-Group playing in our rink and we will do our very best to make it a successful event.”

Other European Curling events taking place during the 2013/14 curling season include the European Mixed Curling Championships which will be held in Edinburgh, Scotland from 14-21 September 2013; the European Curling Championships (including the B-Group) in Stavanger, Norway (dates above) and the European Junior Curling Challenge which will be held in Lohja, Finland, from 3-8 January 2014.

Following a decision to dissolve the European Curling Federation by its members, European Championship Curling events are currently being supported by the World Curling Federation.

For more information about these events, visit: http://www.worldcurling.org/events

About the Danish Curling Association
The Danish Curling Association was founded in 1971 and joined the WCF the same year. Since the 1998 Olympic Winter Games in Nagano, Japan, when Denmark’s Helena Blach Lavrsen took silver, interest in curling has grown with over 5,000 Danes playing the sport today.

Dedicated curling facilities exist in Hvidovre, Tårnby and Esbjerg and a new rink has recently opened in Gentofte. In 2011, Esbjerg hosted the Capital One World Women’s Curling Championship.

About Tårnby Curling Club
Visit: http://www.taarnbycurlingclub.dk/