#WJCC2017: The voices behind the mic

  • Sander Roelvaag and Eleanor Adviento are the voices behind the mic Photo: © WCF / Richard Gray

With World Curling TV’s broadcast now underway at the VoIP Defender World Junior Curling Championships 2017 here’s a look at the voices behind the microphones. Fittingly our two commentators have come together from opposite ends of the earth…

Eleanor Adviento, from New Zealand, is commentating with World Curling TV for the first time at this event.

Before she travelled to Gangneung, she picked up a second place in this season’s New Zealand Mixed Doubles Championships with partner Brett Sargon.

Shortly after her first televised game, she said: “I’m absolutely loving this. It was a last-minute thing for me, but me being a spontaneous person, I would drop anything to be part of this amazing experience. It’s awesome to be able to watch games and give my spin on things.”

In the past, Adviento played lead for the Kiwi women’s team at the 2014 and 2015 Pacific-Asia Curling Championships. In 2015, she skipped New Zealand’s junior women’s team to bronze medals at the Pacific-Asia Junior Curling Championships. In 2016, her Kiwi team finished fifth at the inaugural World Junior-B Curling Championships. Also, she is a Winter Youth Olympian, having competed at the 2012 Winter Youth Olympic Games, in Innsbruck, Austria.

Eleanor is currently studying biomedical science at the University of Auckland.

She said: “this stadium will be amazing for the Olympic Games and for the fans it will be very beginner-friendly.”

By way of contrast, Sander Roelvaag, from Norway, has been a commentator for the World Curling TV productions since 2010. He is also a regular co-commentator on TV2 Norway’s live curling productions.

Before arriving in Gangneung, he won bronze at the Winter Universiade Games in Almaty, Kazakhstan – his third medal at that event. Earlier, he won the inaugural World Mixed Curling Championship in Switzerland in September 2015. He competed twice at the World Junior Curling Championships, winning bronze in 2011 and being awarded the Junior sportsmanship award in 2012.

Asked why he keeps commentating he said: “I love curling and I like to travel – to watch curling, to travel and get paid at the same time – it’s just about the perfect job for me!”

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