WCF Communication (brush head technology)

Over the past few weeks there has been considerable discussion regarding the impact curling brush head technology has on the field of play, the resulting influence on the path a curling stone travels and what the acceptable limits of that influence should be.

Much has been learned during this time and we continue to add to our knowledge base so that well-informed and thoughtful decisions about advancements in this technology can be taken in the best interest of the sport.

The World Curling Federation (WCF) is aware other organizations have taken positions regarding equipment allowed for use in their curling events. The impacts of those decisions are being monitored with interest and what is learned from their experiences will be added to our understanding.

The WCF Competition and Rules Commission has engaged a number of stakeholders as it considers the current situation. This has included reaching outside the sport for expertise and guidance.

As part of this work and in advance of any interim or long term decisions, a Statement of Principles regarding the impact Competition Equipment should have on the sport has been developed and approved by the WCF Board.

This document has been drafted with careful thought and attention to the principle of fair play and places a high importance on athletic performance and mental skill, as compared to an over-reliance on advances in technology.

It takes into account the competitive nature of sport and continues to welcome equipment advancements that make a positive contribution to curling.

The WCF is confident this Statement of Principles will be a valuable tool against which decisions regarding the Rules of Curling and standards for competition equipment will be measured and will serve to guide the organisation and its Members through this particular issue and others which may arise in the future.

We recognise the world curling community is looking to the WCF for leadership on this issue and our Member Associations expect a timely resolution to the question of acceptable brush head technology.

This is a very complex subject and there are many competitive and commercial issues to balance. The WCF is taking the time necessary to ensure sound, informed decisions are taken and we believe it is better to do this “right” than to do it fast.

We also appreciate the urgency, as a number of world championship qualifying events are taking place in the coming weeks and these competitions are the first steps in the qualification process towards the 2018 Olympic Winter Games.

It is our expectation that the WCF will have taken a position on allowable brush head technology prior to the start of the Pacific-Asia Curling Championships in Almaty, Kazakhstan on 8 November 2015 and further information will be forthcoming in the days ahead.

 151030 Statement of Principles FINAL
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