WCF showcases ‘Street Curling’ at SportAccord Convention

The World Curling Federation, working with Rock Solid Productions Inc and the Canadian Curling Association, has been showcasing a unique curling experience at the SportAccord International Convention currently underway in Quebec City, Canada, offering delegates the opportunity to play curling on a synthetic curling sheet.

Street Curling at the SportAccord Sport Demo Zone Photo: WCF

Called ‘Street Curling’, this no-ice curling system has been developed by Rock Solid Productions. The special curling surface is made of plastic and, at 14.5 metres (48 feet) long, is approximately a third of the length of a traditional sheet of curling ice.

Visitors to the convention were given the opportunity to slide lightweight replica stones along the scaled-down curling sheet and sweep, just like curling athletes do on the ice.

The attraction was part of SportAccord’s ‘Sport Demo Zone’ designed to introduce the Olympic sport of curling and other sports to delegates from over 100 international sports federations and sports organisations and visiting members of the media.

“'Street Curling' is a great initiative to give people their first experience of the sensation of curling” explained World Curling Federation President Kate Caithness who is currently attending the convention.

“From this we hope that people will want to try it out on the ice and experience our game for real. Thanks to a collaboration with Rock Solid Productions and our member association the Canadian Curling Association, we have been able to offer this unique curling experience to SportAccord Convention delegates and the media gathered here in Quebec City."

"We are very excited about the interest that has been drawn to the sport of curling through our 'Street Curling' rink," said Rock Solid Productions' Chad McMullan. "The interest at the SportAccord Convention comes hot on the heels of our promotion at the US Superbowl with USA Curling earlier this year. It is a terrific way to raise awareness and hopefuly now people will take to the ice!"

For more information visit: www.streetcurling.com