First win for Sweden men in Korea

  • Sweden sweep to first victory Photo: © WCF / Richard Gray

Sweden managed their first championship win over Turkey on Sunday (19 February) evening at the Gangneung Curling Centre, Republic of Korea - bumping them up to ninth place, ahead of Turkey.

In the second live World Curling TV broadcast game of the day, USA had an early lead over their North American counterpart, Canada. Their lead turned into a deficit, that Canada was unable to make up.

Korea continued their unbeaten winning streak with a 7-3 over Italy, forcing three straight unscored ends for their opponents.

These results see Korea unchallenged at the top of the rankings, while Norway passes Canada to move into second place.

Italy started the scoring in their match against Korea with one point in the second end, but the home team secured three in the third end for an early lead. Despite a last-end effort from Italian skip Marco Onnis – delivering a hit-and-roll – Korea pulled ahead in the fifth end with two more points, to win the game 7-3.

Norway were able to gain their fourth win against the eighth ranked China, 8-2. They managed to steal the advantage with one point in the second end to create a steady point build. China was unable to match the consistency of the Norwegian team, finally delivering one point in the seventh end after going three straight ends of no scoring. Even with China having the final stone, Norway skip Magnus Ramsfjell sealed the victory with a take-out that Chinese skip Zhi Yu Wang was unable to overcome.

In a tight game that saw USA blank four ends, the match went on to see USA beat Canada, 6-2. With the score at 0-0, in the third end, USA saw opportunity to send a final draw down the ice and land two points. They gained yet another point in the fourth end and Canada responded in the fifth to bring the score to 3-2 going into the half. The eighth end secured USA’s win, when vice skip Luc Violette cleared the field with a double take-out to make way for team mate Andrew Stopera to land a draw that completed the game, 6-2

Sweden saw their first success against Turkey with a 7-5 win. Both teams had yet to win a game in the championship and exchanged single points up to the third end. Sweden proceeded to a 7-4 lead after eight ends. This was then challenged in the ninth by Turkish skip Ugurcan Karagoz with a second last take-out that cleared the entire house and a single draw that earned them one point, but not enough to win.

They said it

Luc Violette; vice skip, USA (after 6-2 win over Canada): “Every game here is big and especially when we are playing Canada. More than anything it just felt good to play good. We kind of just played our own game a little bit, we are always a little tight to the vest, usually blank a few ends to get going and then just kind of cautiously go for a deuce and we got it. We actually made a mistake in the third end coming up late in the guard and ended up having to go really aggressive and came out with a steal. Ever since then that kind of set the tone of the game and we were ahead after that.”

Johan Nygren; skip, Sweden (after 7-5 win over Turkey): “It feels amazing, it’s a big relief because we thought that we didn’t really get the points that we deserved in the first couple of games. We had a good start here, we made some really good shots in the first four ends and we just controlled the game after that. Now we will try to win every game and we’ll see how far that will take us. But, we will go into every game thinking that we know we can win and doing everything we can to win.”

Results men's session six: Italy 3-7 Korea; Norway 8-2 China; Canada 2-6 USA; Turkey 5-7 Sweden

Standings after men’s session six(W-L):

Korea 5-0
Norway 4-1
Canada 3-2
USA 3-2
Scotland 2-2
Switzerland 2-2
Italy 2-3
China 1-3
Sweden 1-4
Turkey 0-4

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