Korea and Switzerland men undefeated in Gangneung

  • Switzerland's sweepers in the Gangneung Curling Centre Photo: © WCF / Richard Gray

After three sessions of play in the men’s round-robin, Korea top-the-table on three wins and no losses, with the only other undefeated team being second-placed Switzerland, who have only played twice so far.

Korea faced Turkey in Friday (17 February) evening’s play. This game was tight for the first four ends, with Turkey leading 2-1, but a score of four points in the fifth end turned the tide Korea’s way. This gave them a 5-2 lead and they went on to win by 8-4, scoring two points in the eighth end and stealing one in the ninth.

At the round-robin stage, at the VoIP Defender World Junior Curling Championships, every game must complete six ends, and it took just that number of ends for Switzerland to beat Sweden by 10-3.

The Swiss opened by scoring two points in the first end and followed that up with a steal of two more in the second end. Sweden got onto the scoreboard with a score of one in the third end, but the telling blow came in the fourth end when Switzerland scored five points for a 9-1 lead. When he came to play his last stone in the fifth end, Swedish skip Johan Nygren was facing four Swiss counters. He could only better three of them and gave up a single-point steal, meaning that Switzerland took an overwhelming 10-1 lead into the break.

Nygren did score two points in the sixth end to reduce Switzerland’s lead to 10-3, but immediately conceded.

Canada faced China in this session and scored one in the first end for the early lead. They then stole two points in the second end and gradually built on that throughout the game. After going into the fifth-end break with a 4-1 advantage, single steals in the sixth and seventh ends built the Canadian lead to 6-1. A score of two for China in the eighth end reduced the Canadian lead, but a further single score in the ninth end gave Canada a 7-3 victory.

The fourth game of the session saw Norway face a Scotland team looking for their first win. The turning point of this game came in the third end when Norway’s skip Magnus Ramsfjell hit out a Scottish stone to score four points from the end and take a 6-1 lead. The Scots fought back, but eventually another hit by Ramsfjell in the tenth end left the Scots with a single-point steal. This was not enough and Norway took an 8-7 win.

They said it

Jan Hess; skip, Switzerland (after 10-3 win over Sweden): “After a bit of a crazy start, it wasn’t a great setup, but I was pretty happy that we could score those two [- two pointers in the first and second ends]. It made us a bit more confident and then the game was pretty good and it came to our side. I don’t think we always made the right shot but I think we made our key shots. So, when we had chances to score we did. In the first end drawing a second one into the house was important and also in the fourth I think that runback was pretty decisive for the game.”

Tyler Tardi; skip, Canada (after 7-3 win over China): “We’re playing better every game and the momentum is just keeping on getting stronger, so we’re really excited to see how the weekend’s going to turn out. We were playing really well and we were making them pay when they missed a shot. When they missed one we always made our second one so that was always a boost in confidence.”

Results men's session three: Switzerland 10-3 Sweden; China 3-7 Canada; Korea 8-4 Turkey; Scotland 7-8 Norway

Standings after men’s session three (W-L):

Korea 3-0
Switzerland 2-0
Canada 2-1
Norway 2-1
China 1-1
Italy 1-1
USA 1-1
Scotland 0-2
Turkey 0-2
Sweden 0-3

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