Scotland women & China men win gold at WJBCC 2017

  • Photos: © WCF / Jörgen Nilsson

Scotland women and China men have won gold medals at the World Junior-B Curling Championships 2017 (WJBCC), at the Östersund Arena in Oestersund.

Winning means these Member Associations have also booked places at the VoIP Defender World Junior Curling Championships 2017 (WJCC), which will be held in Gangneung, Korea, between 16-26 February 2017. The runners-up and bronze medallists also qualify for WJCC 2017.

Scotland women, lead by Sophie Jackson, beat Turkey 7-4 in the gold medal game. Similarly, in the men’s event, China, skipped by Ming Jie Yuan, defeated Turkey 5-2. Therefore, Turkey’s women’s and men’s teams, lead by Dilsat Yildiz and Ugurcan Karagoz respectively, have booked places for Gangneung.

Japan women, skipped by Misaki Tanaka, beat China 6-3 in the bronze medal game, while Marco Onnis’ Italian men’s team won against Germany 5-2 for bronze medals.

This now means the field for the women’s championship at WJCC 2017 is set. The teams are: Defneding champions Canada, Hungary, Japan, hosts Korea, Russia, Scotland, Switzerland, Sweden, Turkey and USA.
The men’s teams are for WJCC 2017 are: Canada, China, Italy, hosts Korea, Norway, 2016 winners Scotland, Switzerland, Sweden, Turkey and USA.
The WJBCC was open to junior teams from all  WCF Member Associations that have not already qualified for the VoIP Defender WJCC 2017.

WJBCC play-off results


Gold medal game: Turkey 4-7 Scotland
Bronze medal game: China 3-6 Japan
Semi-final: Japan 4-6 Turkey; Scotland 6-2 China
Quarter-finals: Scotland 8-2 Norway; Turkey 6-2 Slovakia; China 5-3 Germany; Czech Republic 4-9 Japan


Gold medal game: Turkey 2-5 China
Bronze medal game: Germany 2-5 Italy
Semi-finals: Turkey 7-3 Germany; China 7-1 Italy
Quarter-finals: Latvia 3-9 China; Turkey 8-4 Denmark; Italy 6-3 Slovenia; Poland 2-6 Germany

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