Sweden straight to gold medal final with Page 1v2 win

  • Sweden take direct route to gold medal game Photo: © WCF / Tom Rowland

In the women’s Page 1v2 play-off game on Friday (24 February) afternoon, Sweden beat Scotland by 9-6 to advance to the gold medal final.

Canada won the Page 3v4 game over hosts Korea by 7-5, meaning they now head to the semi-final against Scotland. This will be played at 09.00 on Saturday (25 February). Korea will play in the bronze medal final against the loser of the Scotland-Canada game. This game is at 15.00 on Saturday and live on World Curling TV (both games are +9 Universal Coordinated Time).

In Sweden’s game against Scotland, the Scots started the game with one point in the first end. Sweden then took two points in the second end. In what was an early crucial point, Sweden then stole three points in the third end for a 5-1 lead. After the half-time break, the teams traded scores of two, meaning that Sweden had a 9-6 advantage going into the tenth end. Scotland conceded with two stones left, leaving Sweden the direct route to tomorrow’s gold medal final. Scotland now depend on the second chance of the semi-final to try to join them.

In the Page 3v4 game, Canada put the first points on the board against home team Korea, scoring one point in the second end. After this, Korea scored one point in the third end and, after blanking the fourth, Canada scored one point in the fifth end, giving them a 2-1 lead at half-time.

Korea took three points in the sixth end after drawing three stones into the far right of the house.

The last four ends were pivotal for Canada: they scored two in the seventh end; stole two in the eighth; and stole another single point in the ninth end, making the score 9-6 in their favour.

Korea responded again with one point in the tenth end but it was not enough in the face of Canada’s strong finish. Canada’s 7-5 win advances them to tomorrow morning’s semi-final game against Scotland while Korea must wait for the semi-final loser to battle for bronze – also at 15.00.

They said it

Isabella Wranaa; skip, Sweden (after 9-6 win over Scotland): “It feels absolutely fantastic to win the first game and already be ready for the final. We had one doubt in the semi-final at the World Juniors before, and we’ve always ended up fourth. It feels great to be in the final. I just think we have to rest and recharge and get some positive energy for the final game.”

Kristen Streifel; skip Canada (after 7-5 win over Korea): “That felt really great. I think our team really came together in that game. We’ve talked all season long about peaking at the right time, and we struggled a little bit in the round-robin but I think we’re coming together as a unit. I think we just were really putting the pressure on them to make the shots. I think both teams were making the shots but we just capitalised on them a little bit more later in the ends.”

Results women’s Page play-off games: Page 1v2, Scotland 6-9 Sweden; Page 3v4, Canada 7-5 Korea

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