Sweden and Canada advance to three-way tie for first place

  • Sweden against Hungary during session eight Photo: © WCF / Richard Gray

Sweden captured their fifth win on Monday night (20 February) alongside Canada at the VoIP Defender World Junior Curling Championships 2017. These teams now advance to a three-way tie with Scotland, who played earlier this morning, at the top of the women’s standings.

Korea and USA were tied for fourth place in the standings going into the games and Russia were seeking their third win of the week.

Sweden began the game against Hungary with three points in the second end. Hungary didn’t then score points until the third end with a final clearing stone from skip, Bernadett Biro. Sweden held the lead for the whole game, even with Hungary stealing an additional single point in the sixth end. The Swedes then sealed the victory by taking four points in the ninth end, for a 10-4 win. Hungary are still seeking their first win in Gangneung, Republic of Korea.

Canada opened the scoring in their game against Russia to set a 2-0 lead after two ends. They held on to the lead for the entirety of the game, and took two and one points in the fourth and sixth ends respectively. They followed this up with a steal of one point in the seventh end, before winning the game after the ninth end, where they scored two points. They won 8-3.

The Swiss women had a strong start against the eighth-ranked Japan with two points in the first end. While Japan stole two points in the third end, Switzerland regained the lead by also stealing one point in the fifth end, giving them a 4-3 lead. The game became much tighter after the break but, it was Swiss skip, Selina Witschonke that added a draw in the ninth end for two more points, before her team ran Japan out of stones and won, 8-5.

Korea took two points in the first end against USA and the Americans responded with their own two points in the second end. Korea pulled away in the third end with another two points and stole a large lead with four points in the fourth end to make the score 8-2. USA decreased the point gap with a single score in the fifth end, but were unable to make up the deficit as Korea had a final raise from skip Min Ji Kim for three points in the sixth end. Korea won 10-3 after that end.

They said it

Isabella Wranaa; skip, Sweden (after 10-4 win over Hungary): “We like to go into every game and not feel like we are better than anyone else. We always play the strategy against every team. I think we took our points in the right end in the beginning and then they stole one from us but we were still up two so we felt quite confident to have the game. But, still we needed to play good to continue on. It’s great that [our fans] travel the world to see us play. They follow us everywhere.”

Kristen Streifel; skip, Canada (after 8-3 win over Russia): “I would have to say that was one of our best games yet. We just wanted to be really solid at every position and I think we played really well as a unit. Our front end had one of their strongest games yet. It was really good for us to set up the ends and then we were able to carry through with the back end and it made things a lot easier.”

Min Ji Kim; skip, Korea (after 10-3 win over USA): “There were some mistakes when we started these games. We tried not to think about the past but keep paying attention to this game. In the fourth end, we stole four points and that was a big moment. The sweepers have made mistakes before but, this game they did very well. That was the best moment of this game and we coped together very well.”

Results women's session eight: Hungary 4-10 Sweden; Canada 8-3 Russia; Japan 5-8 Switzerland; Korea 10-3 USA

Standings after women’s session eight (W-L):

Canada 5-1
Scotland 5-1
Sweden 5-1
Korea 4-2
Switzerland 4-2
USA 3-3
Russia 2-4
Japan 2-3
Turkey 1-5
Hungary 0-6

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