WMCC 2013: Scotland, Sweden, Denmark and Canada into Play-offs

Each of the four games in Thursday evening's last round-robin session at the Ford World Men's Curling Championship in Victoria, Canada had a potential effect on the final Page Play-off line-up.

Sweden defeated Canada and progressed to the 1v2 Play-off Photo: WCF/CCA/Michael Burns

With Scotland sitting out, already assured of a place in the Page 1-2 Play-off, Canada faced Sweden. The Swedes had the early advantage, sitting 4-2 up after three ends, but Canada's Brad Jacobs drew for three points in the fourth end to take the lead for the first time in the game at 5-4.

In the ninth end, Swedish skip Niklas Edin hit out a Canadian stone, leaving two of his own already in the house, to score two points for a 9-7 lead. After this, Sweden stole another two points in the tenth end for 11-7, when an ambitious Canadian attempt to win the game didn't come off.

This result put Sweden into second place ahead of Denmark and Canada, and they now move on to play the Page 1-2 game against Scotland.

This result, and previous head-to-head results, means that Denmark, who also sat out the session, finished third overall and will now face Canada in the Page 3-4 game. Both of these teams had the same won seven, lost four record as Sweden, so all three were ranked on the round-robin head to head results among these three teams.

Meanwhile Norway, who still had hopes of reaching a tie-breaker when they came off the ice, depending on other results, beat Russia by 11-3 in just six ends, thanks to scoring four points in the first end, and three more points in the sixth end.

In the other games, Switzerland beat the Czech Republic by 6-3, while China beat Finland by 8-5. However, all of these results were in vain in terms of reaching the Play-offs, as the clear top four teams emerged elsewhere.

Session 17:
China 8, Finland 5; Norway 11, Russia 3; Canada 7, Sweden 11; Switzerland 6, Czech Republic 3.

Final round-robin standings:
1. Scotland won 8, lost 3
2. Sweden 7-4
3. Denmark 7-4
4. Canada 7-4
5. Norway 6-5
6. China 6-5
7. Switzerland 6-5
8. Czech Republic 6-5
9. USA 5-6
10. Russia 3-8
11. Japan 3-8
12. Finland 2-9

Page Play-off Schedule (all times Pacific Time):
1v2 Play-off: Scotland v Sweden – Friday, April 5 at 19:00
3v4 Play-off: Denmark v Canada – Saturday, April 6 at 11:00.

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