Session 12: Norway and Canada continue play-off push while Sweden remain in hunt


Canada beat Switzerland 8-4 while defending champions Norway had a six-end 9-2 win over Italy in Wednesday morning's 12th session of round robin play at the Ford World Men's Curling Championship 2015 in Halifax, Canada to remain locked together at the top of the standings.

Canada got back to winning ways this morning to remain in joint top spot with Norway Photo: WCF/CC/Michael Burns

In their game against Italy, the Norwegians scored two points in the first end before Italy's fourth player Amos Mosaner played a double take-out with his final stone of the second end to get on the score-board with a score of one point.

Later, in the sixth end, Norway's Thomas Ulsrud drew into the house to score three points and take a 9-2 lead, at which point Italy conceded.

After this win, Norway skip Thomas Ulsrud said: "We got a good start and picked up from where we left off yesterday against Canada. We have a lot of confidence in the ice and it's really coming together right now. The only thing I'm worried about right now is the guys peaking too early in the week, so we just have to keep it going. Curling is a sport of confidence - as soon as you get some good shots in there you get more confidence."

Canada also had a straightforward win.

In the fourth end, Canada's skip Pat Simmons hit out a Swiss stone to score three points and improve their lead to 5-1.

Eventually, after scoring two points in the eighth end, Switzerland conceded with the score at 8-4 in Canada's favour.

These victories for Canada and Norway keep them together at the top of the standings with seven wins and one loss.

USA played Sweden in this session and the Americans took an early advantage when in the third end their skip John Shuster drew his last stone into what already was a busy house to score three points and take a 3-1 lead.

While USA took a 5-3 lead into the fifth end break, the tide turned in the second half of the game.

Sweden skip Niklas Edin drew his last stone of the eighth end into the house to score five points for an 11-6 win that puts them into joint third place, along with Switzerland.

After the game, Edin said: "We didn’t start that well. We made a few really big mistakes and let them have a three there out of nothing really. After that we really had to fight our way back into the game but the sixth end and the eighth end were basically perfect ends so I’m really happy about the finish of the game."

In the fourth game of the session, China faced Russia.

After two blank ends, China moved into the ascendancy, scoring one point in the third end and then stealing two points in the fourth end for a 3-0 lead.

Later, in the ninth end, with the score at 6-3 in his favour, China's skip Zang Jialiang hit out a Russian stone to score two points from the end and win the game by 8-3.

After what was his third win of the event so far, Jialiang said: "For this game we played as a real team. Everyone undertook their responsibilities throughout the team, focusing on the finer details of our play. For the Championship we just want to learn from all the great teams playing here. We are a young team so gaining experience is important. This is our first year playing as a team at this level and we are very proud to be here. We just want to learn and show how well we can play."

Session 12:
Italy 2, Norway 9; Canada 8, Switzerland 4; USA 6, Sweden 11; China 8, Russia3.

After 12 sessions of play (W-L):

1. Canada 7-1
1. Norway. 7-1
3. Sweden 5-3
3. Switzerland 5-3
5. Japan 4-3
6. Czech Republic 3-4
6. Finland 3-4
8. China 3-5
8. USA 3-5
10. Scotland 2-5
11. Italy 2-6
11. Russia 2-6

During the round robin portion of a competition, teams with the same win-loss record will be listed alphabetically, by their three letter code, and ranked equal.

Video Highlights: Highlights from games throughout the Championship will be available to watch courtesy of World Curling TV (WCTV), the television arm of the World Curling Federation.

WCTV will provide extensive live and video-on-demand coverage to broadcasters around the world from Halifax. The full broadcast schedule is here:

In addition, curling fans around the world will be able to follow selected live coverage of the 2015 World Championship events via the World Curling Federation’s YouTube Channel

The 2016 Ford World Men's Curling Championship will be staged in Basel, Switzerland starting on Saturday 2nd April.

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