Session 4: Canada join Italy at the top with win against China


In Sunday afternoon's fourth session of round robin play at the Ford World Men's Curling Championship in the Scotiabank Centre in Halifax, Canada, the hosts recorded their second win as they beat China 7-4 to join Italy at the top of the standings.

Canada skip Pat Simmons inspired the hosts to their second victory in as many games Photo: WCF/CC/Michael Burns

In the eighth end, Canada’s skip Pat Simmons hit out a Chinese stone to score two points and take a 7-3 lead.

In the ninth end, China's skip Zang Jialiang drew into the house to score one point and reduce Canada's lead to 7-4.

After this Canada ran China out of stones in the tenth end to win by 7-4.

Following their win, Canada's Simmons said: "That was less entertaining than last night, but we were a little sharper, cleaned up some things a bit and caught on to the ice and played pretty well, especially in the second half of the game."

Also in this session, Finland faced Scotland in a bottom-of-the-table clash.

This game went all the way to an extra end and in it, Finland's skip Aku Kauste played an angle take-out to nudge back the Scottish counting stone, score three points from the end and win by 10-7.

Afterwards, Kauste said: "Finally, a win - it’s really neat. Yesterday we didn’t play really well and lost by one point to Sweden and one point to Czechs and I thought we should be playing a lot better. Today we did and we finally got the win."

Defending champions Norway faced USA in this session and in the seventh end USA skip John Shuster played a soft-weight take out to score two points to lead by 6-3.

In the ninth end, Norway's skip Thomas Ulsrud hit out a USA stone to score three points and bring his team back into the game, with USA leading by just 7-6.

Norway went on to force an extra end, but USA eventually won by 10-7.

After his win USA's Shuster said: "We looked at the schedule early and said we’re going to have to come out with our guns blazing so we didn’t dig ourselves a hole. It’s good to get to 1-1 and be in the middle of the pack and have two of the top teams behind us."

In the fourth game of the session, the Czech Republic played Japan and in the sixth end Japan's skip Yusuke Morozumi played an accurate heavy-weighted take-out at the back of the house to score two points from the end and level the score at 4-4.

In the eighth end, Czech skip Jiri Snitil drew his final stone into the house to score three points and take a 7-5 lead on his way to an 8-6 victory.

Later Snitil said: "Japan have been very strong here so far. We know them, they are very precise players, making a lot of nice shots, so we are happy to get the win."

Session 4:
Finland 10, Scotland 7; Canada 7, China 4; Norway 7, USA 10; Czech Republic 8, Japan 6.

Standings after 4 sessions of play (W-L):

1. Canada 2-0
1. Italy 2-0
3. Czech Republic 2-1
3. Japan 2-1
5. Norway 1-1
5. Russia 1-1
5. Sweden 1-1
5. Switzerland 1-1
5. USA 1-1
10. Finland 1-2
11. China 0-2
12. Scotland 0-3

During the round robin portion of a competition, teams with the same win-loss record will be listed alphabetically, by their three letter code, and ranked equal.

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The 2016 Ford World Men's Curling Championship will be staged in Basel, Switzerland starting on Saturday 2nd April.

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