Denmark win to keep play-off hopes alive

  • Denmark's Rasmus Stjerne celebrates their win over Russia Photo © WCF / Céline Stucki

As the World Men's Curling Championships reached its second last day of round-robin action in Basel, Switzerland on Tuesday, the stakes were gradually geared up as play-off possibilities were starting to take shape.

Denmark are one of the teams still battling to make the play-offs, and in the second end of their game against Russia, their skip Rasmus Stjerne opened his team's scoring with a raise double take-out for three points and a 3-0 lead.

He added to this with a draw for two more points in the fourth end, moving his lead to 5-1. Denmark eventually won this game by 9-1 to move into the top four on the table.

Norway faced USA in this session, with both teams still striving to seal their play-off slots. In the fifth end of the game, Norway's skip Thomas Ulsrud failed on a double take-out attempt and had to settle for just one point, after an umpire's measure, to reduce USA's lead to 5-1.

In the seventh end, USA skip John Shuster played a hit but rolled out his own shooter to score only two instead of a possible three and take a 7-3 lead. USA went on to win this game by 8-3.

Table-topping Canada faced Korea in this session and in the third end their skip Kevin Koe hit out a Korean stone to score three points from the end to take a 4-1 lead.

In the seventh end Koe had another hit, scoring three points again and this time sealing his team's 9-2 win, a result that keeps his unbeaten record intact.

In the fourth game of this session, Scotland faced Finland and, in the eighth end, Scotland's skip Tom Brewster hit out a Finnish stone with his own last of the end, to score three points and seal a 7-3 win.

They Said It:

Rasmus Stjerne (skip, Denmark) after 9-1 win over Russia: "We played a good game there. We had a rough game last night against Korea and suddenly we're back in the middle of the pack. We needed this win to just keep looking for the play-offs."

John Shuster (skip, USA) after 8-3 win over Norway: "We’re confident playing on this stage now, even more so than ever. I think that’s showing in our results here."

Kevin Koe (skip, Canada) after 9-2 win over Korea: "When you start playing well, you don’t want to take a step backwards - then you start to question your confidence. But the guys threw it good, and it’s nice to get through that one. Now we have a few tough games coming up."

Tom Brewster (skip, Scotland) after 7-3 win over Finland: "Start-wise it wasn't the best we've had, but we got our stones in the right places at the right times and we took our chances. I played a good double in four to get a two and that gave us a bit of momentum."

RESULTS, session 12

Norway 3-8 USA; Korea 2-9 Canada; Russia 1-9 Denmark; Scotland 7-3 Finland

STANDINGS after session 12

Canada 8-0
Norway 6-2
USA 6-2
Denmark 5-3
Japan 4-3
Sweden 4-3
Switzerland 3-4
Finland 3-5
Scotland 3-5
Russia 2-6
Germany 1-6
Korea 1-7

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