Italy win Mixed curling thriller as Switzerland continue winning run

  • Italy stole a point in the final end to beat Denmark WCF / Céline Stucki

Italy stole a point in the final end of their game against Denmark, during session 18, to win a breathtaking curling game 3-2.

Skip Denise Pimpini described the team’s feelings, when Denmark’s last stone passed the button and allowed Italy to steal the final point. She said: “We are very happy with this win, we needed it so we could get confidence for our next game tonight [against Romania at 20.00, CEST].

“We were following the wall game, so when the last stone pasted the button the tension went down. The game was so close and that moment was so important.”

Switzerland continued to go unbeaten with a win over Czech Republic 12-2, in six ends. The game began well with Yannick Schwaller’s team taking five points in the first end and then stealing four in the fifth end. Russia defeated New Zealand 10-3, also in six ends.

The remainder of the games during this session were completed in seven ends. China beat Kazakhstan 10-3, Slovakia defeated Lithuania 8-3 and Poland won against England, 4-2.