Day 3 Roundup

  • Andorra celebrate historic first world championship win Photo © WCF / Alina Androsova

Day 3 of the World Mixed Curling Championship 2016.

Session 9

In session 9, Russia, Scotland and Korea remained unbeaten while Spain picked up their first win of the week and Andorra recorded their first ever win at a world championship.

Russia handed Poland their first defeat with a score of 9-4. Russia would score 3 points in the first, third and seventh ends on the way to their win.

In the other games of the session, Korea defeated France by a score of 8-3 and Scotland claimed an 8-1 victory over Norway helped largely by a steal of 4 points in the third end.

Andorra recorded a historic first victory at world championship level when they fought back from 6-3 down after five ends with a single point in the sixth end, a 2 point steal in the seventh end and when Belgium skip, Loes Willems wrecked on one of her own guards, a single point steal in the eighth end for the 7-6 victory.

Afterwards, Andorra skip Josep Garcia said: “I’m very happy. I’ve always seen on the television teams winning at a world championship. I’m very happy because it’s a great step for curling in Andorra. We are only a little, little country with seven curlers. We’ve started a new period of development of curling in Andorra and this is a great moment for us.”

In the session’s final game Spain recorded their first win of the week in emphatic style. They opened the scoring with 5 points in the first end and followed that up with a further 5 points in the third end on their way to a 13-2 over Kazakhstan.

After their win, Spanish skip, Irantzu Garcia said: “We really needed that. We had two bad games, we were really close with Russia and then we lost in the sixth end and then with Australia things just didn’t work. We came here trying to make it to the playoffs so we really needed to win this one, and we went out there and we had a fantastic game. I’m so happy.”

Session 8

In session 8, the third session of play today, there were wins for Canada, Sweden, Czech Republic, Italy and Ireland.

Canada once again opened the scoring in their game with 4 points in the first end on the way to a 7-2 victory over Latvia. Afterwards, Canada skip, Michael Lizmore said: “We felt pretty good that game. We weren’t really happy with how we played last night so we’re glad to get back on track just feeling a lot better that game than we did yesterday.”

Elsewhere in the session both Ireland and Czech Republic recorded their first wins of the week. Ireland defeated Brazil 13-4 while Czech Republic claimed a 6-4 victory over Australia. Italy picked up their second win of the week by defeating Belarus 8-3.

In the session’s final game, Sweden overcame Finland in a tough game where single points were all that were scored throughout. Sweden took a 3-0 lead after a single point in the first end followed by two single point steals in the second and third ends.

Finland fought back with their own single point followed by two single point steals then both teams traded singles in the seventh and eighth ends to take the game to an extra end with the score level at 4-4. In the extra end Sweden skip Kristian Lindstroem was left with a draw with his final stone for the single point and the win.

Afterwards Lindstroem said: “It was a tough game. We started off really good but we got a little bit too relaxed in the middle of the game and let them in so we just tried to keep playing our game until the end. It felt good. I knew the path [for the final stone] had a lot of curl so I had to put it out there. But I knew the weight and everything so I felt comfortable.”

Session 7

Session seven saw three teams pick up their first win and the other two remain undefeated in the competition.

New Zealand defeated defending champions Norway, 8-0 after six ends to record their first win of the competition. New Zealand would score points in five of the six ends played on the way to their win.

Afterwards, New Zealand skip, Brett Sargon said: “It's good to get the monkey off the back and get the first win on the board. The team played well and we're very happy with the result. I think today we started to get a handle on the ice a wee bit more, it's good to see a few more stones come down the ice and have a bit more confidence in what they're going to do, in terms of how much they're curling. The team played really, really well. We're getting the weight down as well, it's very quick ice and we're starting to get a handle on it.”

Elsewhere in the session, Hungary defeated Slovakia 7-3 to remain undefeated, Wales picked up their first win by defeating Croatia 7-6 after and extra end and USA got their first win on the board by defeating Austria 6-4.

Talking about their win afterwards USA skip, Fred Maxie said: “You can’t start a roll without the first win so it’s good to get one. It seems like everyone’s come out and had a great game against us, these guys played really good again today too, but maybe that means we’ve got to focus a little harder and play a little tougher, but it’s good to get that first win.”

In the session’s final game Germany defeated Switzerland 5-4 in an extremely close game. Germany opened the scoring in the first end with a single point before stealing another single point in the second end. The teams would go on to trade single points until Switzerland scored 2 points in the seventh end to level the game. Germany were then able to pick up the single point they needed for the win and to remain undefeated in the competition.

Session 6

Day 3 of the World Mixed Curling Championship 2016 began with the sixth session of round-robin play. This session saw wins for Denmark, Turkey, Italy, England and Estonia after an extra end of play.

England defeated Ireland in a close game where the scores were tied 5-5 going into the final end. With England sitting three shot stones and holding the last stone advantage, Ireland skip Bill Gray was heavy with his final shot giving England the 8-5 win without England having to throw their final stone.

After the win, England skip, Greg Dunn said: “It feels good. We were really hoping to win the first three actually but you have to roll with the punches some times. Also my friend Arthur [Bates] played last year and only managed one win so we’ve had an improvement for the country on that, which feels good. But we’re still aiming to get a few more wins under our belt and hopefully things roll our way.”

Also in this session Italy defeated Romania 6-2, Denmark scored 2 points in the eighth end to defeat Australia 4-3 and Turkey claimed a close 5-4 victory over Slovenia.

In the session’s final game Netherlands and Estonia both swapped the lead several times before Estonia stole 2 points in the seventh end to take 7-4 lead going into the eighth end. Netherlands then scored the 3 points they needed to take the game to an extra end. Estonia held their nerve and using their last stone advantage scored the single point needed for the 8-7 win.