Day 6 Roundup

  • Scotland qualify for the playoffs Photo © WCF / Alina Androsova

Day 6 of the World Mixed Curling Championship 2016

Session 21

In the final session of the day there were wins for Korea, Austria, Russia, Finland and Germany.

Korea defeated Belgium 8-2 while Austria defeated Andorra 7-2. This ensures that four teams in Group D now sit on a 4 wins 2 losses record with one round-robin game left to play.

Germany defeated Slovenia 7-4 to retain their 100% record and to remain at the top of their group. Germany opened the scoring with 3 points in the first end and score a further 3 points in the third end on the way to their win.

In the session’s other games Russia defeated Australia 6-4 and Finland picked up their third win of the week by defeating Brazil 5-4

Session 20

In this session, Japan and Switzerland qualified for the playoffs and there were also wins for Wales and Czech Republic.

Switzerland recorded an 8-1 victory over previously undefeated Turkey ensuring they would claim the third playoff place available from Group E, progressing alongside Turkey and Germany. In this game Switzerland would score in five of the six ends played, stealing points in three consecutive ends.

Japan’s 5-3 victory over Norway, their fifth win of the week, ensured their place in the playoff stage of the competition, taking the second available slot from Group A.

Wales won their second game of the day when they defeated Netherlands 8-3, scoring 2 points in the first end, 3 points in the third end, 2 points in the fifth end and a single point in the seventh end to seal their win.

In the sessions’ final game Czech Republic defeated Spain by a score of 6-3.

Session 19

This session of play saw three more teams qualify for the playoffs and maintain their undefeated run throughout the round-robin.

Canada defeated Korea 5-3 in a game where they scored 3 points in the opening end and controlled the flow of the game from that moment on. Sweden opened the scoring with 2 points in the first end, then scored 3 points in the third and fifth ends for an 8-4 victory over Slovakia.

The final team to qualify for the playoffs in this session were Hungary who defeated England 7-2. Hungary scored 2 points in the first end then stole a single point in the second end, it was a pattern they would repeat in the fourth end with a score of 2 points followed by a steal of 1 point in the fifth end, before finishing the game off with a single point score in the seventh end for the victory.

Talking about their victory and week so far, Hungary skip, Zsolt Kiss said: “I think we had a tough start this week against Finland, we couldn’t manage ice this quick, but I think we’ve been getting better and better and we’ve been controlling the ice better and better. I think we played very well today, we managed to score deuces with the hammer, so I think we actually played really well today and that’s how we want to perform for the rest of the week. I hope we’re going to have a good game against Sweden tomorrow and we’ll see for the playoffs.”

In the session’s remaining games Finland defeated Ireland 6-2 and Latvia recorded a 10-2 win over Belgium.

Session 18

Scotland became the fourth team to qualify for the playoffs when they defeated Belarus 9-5 in the day’s opening session. There were also wins for Japan, Denmark, Wales and Czech Republic.

Scotland would win their game 9-5, however, it was Belarus who opened the scoring with a single point steal in the first end. Scotland responded immediately with a score of 5 points in the second end followed by a single point steal in the third end.

The teams traded single point scores before Belarus skip, Alina Pavlyuchik played an excellent double takeout with her last stone of the sixth end for 2 points to bring Belarus back into the game. Belarus would follow this with a single point steal in the seventh end before Scotland closed out the win with 2 points in the eighth end.

Afterwards Scotland skip, Cameron Bryce said: “We feel good. It wasn’t our best performance but we got the win that we needed. It was our first objective, get to the playoffs and then see what happens, take it a game at a time and hopefully we can get all the way to the end. We’re pretty happy with our five wins just now and hopefully we’ll make it six going into the knockout stages.”

Elsewhere in the session, Czech Republic won 11-5 against Kazakhstan, helped largely by a score of 4 points in the first end and 4 points in the fifth end. Wales defeated Slovenia 8-1 and Denmark claimed a 7-2 victory over Spain.

In the session’s final game Japan defeated Romania 9-2 thanks in part to a steal of 4 points in the second end to 4-1 and put them within touching distance of a playoff spot.