Round-robin stage draws to a close

  • Italy win to claim a playoff place Photo © WCF / Alina Androsova

The World Mixed Curling Championship 2016 Day 7.


Finland defeated England by a score of 6-5 to finish third in Group B while Czech Republic claimed a 10-3 victory over Denmark to finish third in Group C. Both teams progress to the playoffs alongside New Zealand who were the fourth placed finisher with the best DSC in the round-robin.

Session 24

This final session of round-robin play saw Canada continue their impressive form to end their group in first place and still undefeated after they claimed a 6-4 win over Austria.

France defeated Belgium 8-3 after six ends scoring 2 points in the first and fourth ends before stealing 2 points in the fifth and sixth ends on the way to their win.

Croatia won their second ever game at world championship level in style with a 10-2 victory over Netherlands helped largely by a score of 5 points in the third end and 3 points in the fifth end.

In the final two games of the session there were three teams still battling for a playoff spot from Group D.

Korea claimed second place in the group and one of the remaining playoff places when they defeated Andorra by a score of 9-3. Their win coupled with Canada’s defeat of Austria ensured that they would be one of only two teams to finish their group with a record of 5 wins and 2 losses.

The final game of the session saw Latvia and USA battle out a close game with the winner taking the final playoff place from Group D. With the game tied at 3-3 after eight ends, the USA went into the extra end with the last stone and with it would have an open takeout for a score of 2 points, the 5-3 win and a place in the playoffs.

Afterwards USA skip, Fred Maxie said: “It was good, it was a little more nerve racking than it needed to be I guess, going to an extra end, but man, they played good. That angle raise they played to tie it in eight was a peach. They played great, we’re happy to get the win though. We kept trying to force the issue and they didn’t miss anything, they hardly missed a shot. Every time we tried to put the pressure on they did something great so you’ve got to give them a lot of credit.”

There will be one session of tie-breakers for the two remaining third place group finishes this evening. Those games are played at 8pm local time and feature England v Finland and Czech Republic v Denmark. The full playoff rankings will be available once the tie-breaker games are complete.

The playoff Structure

The team ranking for the World Mixed Curling Championship 2016 playoff stage are as follows:

Teams ranked first in their group have a playoff ranking of 1-5 based on their DSC’s
Teams ranked second in their group have a playoff ranking of 5-10 based on their DSC’s
Teams ranked third in their group have a playoff ranking of 11-15 based on their DSC’s
The fourth placed team with the best DSC will be ranked 16 for the playoff stage

Session 23

The day’s second session of play saw wins for Switzerland, Germany, Wales, Poland and Denmark.

Germany defeated Turkey by a score of 6-4 to remain undefeated throughout the round-robin stage to top Group E. Switzerland defeated Slovenia 6-4 to claim the second place in the group while Turkey took third place.

Elsewhere in the session, Wales claimed a 6-3 victory over Estonia helped largely by a score of 3 points in the fifth end to finish fourth in Group E and Poland defeated Spain 3-1 in an extremely close game with a steal of 1 point in the eight end to seal the victory.

In the session’s final game Denmark claimed a narrow victory over the Czech Republic in a tense game. Czech Republic found themselves 7-4 down going into the eighth end but were able to score the 3 points to force an extra end. In that extra end Denmark skip, Joel Ostrowski was left with a draw to the button with his last stone for the single point and the 8-7 win.

After the win, Ostrowski said: “I’m pretty satisfied and happy, I had the draw weight today which is not so common for me this week, so I was happy. It was, of course, win or go out so I’m very happy. I think we’ve been playing ok. I think in the losses we’ve had the scoreboard didn’t really reflect how the games were going, but we’ve still had a few misses in unfortunate moments so we’re not completely sharp, but hopefully throughout the tournament we’ve been improving. We never take the easy road.”

With both Denmark and Poland winning their games today, Denmark will play in tonight’s tie-breaker session against the Czech Republic once again while Poland claim the second place in Group C.

Session 22

In the opening session of the final day of round-robin play, there were victories for Sweden, Scotland, Ireland, Belarus and Italy.

With both teams undefeated up to this point the winner of Sweden v Hungary were going to maintain their 100% record and top Group B. Sweden opened the scoring with 3 points in the first end and followed that with a steal of 2 points in the second end.

Hungary scored their first points in the third end with a score of 2, but Sweden would respond in kind, with 2 points of their own in the fourth end and a single point steal in the fifth end. When Hungary could only score a single point in the sixth end they shook hands and giving Sweden the 8-3 victory.

Afterwards, Sweden skip, Kristian Lindstroem said: “It was our biggest test of the group, but I think we played really well. We had some bad shots too but on the whole we played well and that I’m happy about it. We went into peeling mode in the third end and we did really good, so it was an easier game from going forward from there.”

Elsewhere in the session, Scotland continued their group stage unbeaten after a 7-2 win over New Zealand, Ireland defeated Slovakia 6-4 and Belarus picked up their first win of the week over Romania 6-5.

In the final game of the session Italy picked up the win they needed to claim the third playoff place available in Group A. Norway would lead 4-2 at the break but Italy would score a single point in the fifth end and follow that with two single point steals in the sixth and seventh ends. Norway levelled the score at 5-5 in the eighth end, before Italy scored 2 points in an extra end for the 7-5 win.