Russia crowned 2016 World Mixed Curling Champions

  • Photo © WCF / Alina Androsova

Russia claimed the World Mixed Curling Championship 2016 title with a 5-4 extra end victory over Sweden at the Kazan Sports Palace, in Kazan, Russia.

Sweden collected the Silver medals, while an 8-4 win over Korea gave Scotland the Bronze medals.

The Gold Medal game saw two undefeated teams in Sweden and Russia face off for the World Championship title and the Gold medals.

After the opening end was blanked, both teams would attempt to apply pressure to the other with precise draw after draw filling up the house, before Russian skip, Aleksandr Krushelnitckii played a triple takeout to remove all but a single Swedish stone and two stones of his own. Sweden Skip, Kristian Lindstroem would then play a hit and stay on the Russian shot stone forcing Krushelnitckii to play a hit for the single point.

With the third end following a similar pattern Lindstroem, with his final stone, was forced to play a double takeout to score a single point and level the game at 1-1.

The fourth end would prove to be crucial to the final outcome, with Lindstroem forced to attempt a difficult double takeout with his last stone facing two Russian shot stones. He was only able to clear one and Krushelnitckii would draw into the four foot for 2 points.

There would be no more than single points scored in each end throughout the remainder of the game. Sweden would score a single point in the fifth end and then force a steal of 1 in the sixth end to level the score at 3-3. The seventh end would then see Russia score a single point with an open hit.

With Sweden down by a single point in the eighth end Lindstroem attempted a difficult triple takeout to give them the chance of scoring 2 points, but would also catch his own stone in the house sending it clear and forcing him to draw for a single point with his final stone to take the game to an extra end with the scores tied at 4-4.

In the extra end Russia were intent on keeping the house clean with multiple peels throughout. Eventually Kushelnitckii was left with a draw to the four foot for the single point, the 5-4 win and the World Championship title.

At the same time Scotland competed against Korea for the Bronze medals. Scotland would give up a steal of 1 in the first end, then a steal of 2 points in the second end to go 0-3 behind. They would get on the scoreboard with a single point in the third end before stealing a single point in the fourth end. Scotland would then steal another 2 points in the fifth end to take the 4-3 lead.

Korea levelled the scores in the sixth end with a hit and roll for the single point before Scotland reclaimed the lead in the seventh end with a hit for 1 point.

In the eighth and final end Korea would wreck on a Scottish guard allowing Scotland to load the house with four shot stones. Korea would attempt a very tough raised takeout with skip Lee Kibok’s final stone but would be unable to clear more than one Scottish stone, giving Scotland a steal of 3 points, for an 8-4 win and the Bronze medals.

They Said it:

Russian skip, Aleksandr Krushelnitckii: "I feel lots of emotions and I can’t express it in words. At the last World Championship we won, at the Mixed Doubles in Karlstad, I wasn’t as happy as I am now. Here everything is super, great organisation, massive support of the spectators, everything is just amazing."

Sweden skip, Kristian Lindstroem: "It feels sore now, but we played a great tournament and we really tried our best in the final. The Russian team were too good, but I’m happy. I’m happy with how we played and with it being a new team, I only stepped in three days before, I’m very happy with how the team played during the week. The turning point was in the fourth end for sure. If we’d kept them to one point it would have been a different game but we tried to come back and we almost did but they played really good."

Scotland skip, Cameron Bryce said:"It’s good. It’s always good to bounce back after a defeat in the morning. We wanted to make sure we went home to Scotland with a medal. Initially we wanted to go in, get the early score and put the pressure on Korea, but we started off slow so we had to it the difficult way and steal our way through. We had a couple of good steals in the fourth and fifth that really helped us. We played really good and Bronze is good now, but we were really disappointed this morning. After a couple of days we’ll be really happy with our Bronze."