• Russia defeat Switzerland to progress to semi-final Photo © WCF / Alina Pavlyuchik

The evening session of play saw the four quarter-final games take place. Five of the eight teams competing in this round came into it with a 100% undefeated record. The session would see three of them retain that record.

Sweden continued their run with a 7-6 victory over Japan helped greatly by a score of 3 points in the second end. Japan began to fight back into the game but only managed to steal a single point in the eighth end when they needed 2 points to take the game to an extra end.

Scotland would face off against Canada, both teams undefeated to this point in the competition. Scotland opened the scoring with two points but Canada would draw level two ends later with a score of 1 point followed by a single point steal. The game was tight and tactical with both teams playing fantastic shots one after the other. Canada would take score a single point in the seventh end to take a 5-4 lead into the last end but give up the last stone. With his last stone, Scotland skip, played a perfect takeout of the Canada shot stone to score two points, take the win and move onto tomorrow’s semi-final against Sweden.

Afterwards, Bryce said about the game: “I’m really pleased. It was a good game all round, good from both teams. It was a patient game with a lot of stones in play and a lot of angles but I think we made the shots when it mattered. I had draw weight from the start. It was probably one of the best games we’ve had for getting our draw weight and hopefully we can continue like that for the next couple of games. I knew I was close [with the last stone hit], you’re never sure until it hits but I knew I was close and thankfully it ended up just right.”

Host nation, and previously unbeaten Russia faced off against Switzerland in a tight and tense game. Switzerland opened the scoring with 3 points in the first end and had the opportunity to win the game with the last stone of the eighth end. Unfortunately for Switzerland, their fourth Martin Rios attempted to play an open hit and stay on the sole Russian stone in the house, but was slightly wide, causing him to send the Russian stone back into his own shot stone, blanking the end and giving Russia the 4-3 victory.

In the final game of the session, Korea recorded a victory over the previously undefeated Germany by a score of 6-4. The win in part was thanks to a score of 3 points in the third end followed by a single point steal in the fourth end. Germany were unable to recover the deficit and Korea move onto the semi-finals against Russia.

The semi-final games are played tomorrow morning at 0900 MSK.