Sweden and Norway reach World Mixed Curling Championship final

  • World Mixed Curling Championship 2015 trophy WCF / Céline Stucki

There will be an all Scandinavian final at the World Mixed Curling Championship 2015 this afternoon (Saturday 19 September) after Sweden and Norway won their semi-final games this morning.

Sweden defeated Russia 6-5 with the last stone of the game, while Norway beat China 7-3 in seven ends.

The final will be played at 15.00 (CEST) and be broadcast live on http://swiss-sport.tv/sports/7-curling. The bronze medal game will also take place at this time.

Sweden had established a 5-2 lead by the fourth end break. Russia fought back stealing single points in the fifth, sixth and seventh ends to level the score 5-5 going into the eighth.

The eighth end saw both sides show their skill with an exchange of precision shots, Wranaa with the last stone was able to seal Sweden’s win with a draw through a port to the button.

After the win Swedish second Zandra Flyg said: “We kept together as a team and even though we struggled a bit after the break we always knew there was just one stone that would decide the game and Rasmus played that stone very well.

“I think an all Scandinavian final will be amazing and that we will have a very good game. The ice conditions are really good and we’re having a lot of fun so we’ll just try to enjoy the final.”

In the second end against Norway, Chinese skip Ji Yansong missed an angled-raise that set Norwegian skip Steffen Walstad up to take four points. The Norwegians then stole a point in the third, which gave them a comfortable 5-2 lead at the fourth end break.

The Norwegians then stole another point in the fifth end to widen their lead.

China took a point in the sixth end, but conceded the game in the seventh after Norwegian second Sander Roelvaag played a well executed double takeout which cleared the house and helped vice-skip Julie Molnar and skip Steffen Walstad to secure the winning point.

Roelvaag said: “It was a terrifying game! for the first half anyway, but as things started to go well we started to play better. All week we have played better in the second half of the game.

“We’re now looking forward to the final, it will be a lot of fun.”