World Junior Championships - Day 8 - Junior Men’s Playoffs

1v2: Scotland v China 6-3, 3v4: Canada v Switzerland 4-5

Scotland’s Junior Men’s team beat China 6-3 in the 1v2 playoff on Saturday to go straight through to the final of the World Junior Curling Championships.

In a game where there were never a lot of stones in play, China’s Yansong Ji blanked four ends. Two points taken by the Chinese in the third end were because the Scots missed two shots.

In the 3v4 game, Canada was 4-3 up against Switzerland by the end of the eighth end. The Swiss side skipped by Peter de Cruz who played second stones in this game, blanked the ninth and kept the hammer/last stone advantage for the tenth. Canadian skip Jake Walker wrecked on a guard with his last stone, leaving the Swiss lying two and not needing to play their last stone to win the game 5-4.

China now meets Switzerland in the junior men’s semi-final set for Saturday evening at 18:00 CET. The winner will meet Scotland in the final on Sunday at 13:00 local time. Canada will play the bronze medal game against the loser of the semi-final at the same time.

After Junior Men’s Playoffs:

Semi-final Game: Saturday 18:00 CET – CHINA v SWITZERLAND

Gold Medal Game: Sunday 13:00 CET - SCOTLAND v winner of Saturday’s Semi-final

Bronze Medal Game: Sunday 13:00 CET – CANADA v loser of Saturday’s Semi-final

Other Junior Men’s Team Standings:
5. NORWAY 6-3 (qualified for WJCC 2011)
6. SWEDEN 5-4 (qualified for WJCC 2011)
7. FINLAND 3-6 (qualified for WJCC 2011)
8. DENMARK 2-7 (qualified for WJCC 2011)
9. USA 1-8
10. RUSSIA 1-8 (Has to play European Junior Curling Challenge for WJCC 2011 place)