World Junior Championships - Day 8 - Semi-finals

Junior Women: Sweden v USA 6-1
Junior Men: Switzerland v China 4-3

Sweden will meet Canada in the final of the Junior Women’s event at the World Junior Curling Championships. Switzerland will play Scotland in the Junior Men’s gold medal game.

Sweden’s Anna Hasselborg was in top form on Saturday evening, dominating Alexandra Carlson’s American side with steal after steal to win the junior women’s semi-final 6-1.

In a defensive game, China’s Yansong Ji contained Peter de Cruz’s Swiss team in the junior men’s semi-final up until the end of the ninth end when the score was 3-2. When China played their last stone there were three Swiss stones in the house. China’s final hit lay open, rather than rolling, leaving Switzerland with a simple hit for the two points needed to put them in the final.

After Semi-finals:

Junior Women’s Gold Medal Game: Sunday 09:00 CET – CANADA v SWEDEN

Junior Women’s Bronze Medal Game: Sunday 090:00 CET – SWITZERLAND v USA

Junior Men’s Gold Medal Game: Sunday 13:00 CET - SCOTLAND v SWITZERLAND

Junior Men’s Bronze Medal Game: Sunday 13:00 CET – CANADA v CHINA