World Junior Championships - Junior Women Final - Medal Games

Junior Women Final Standings

1. SWEDEN - Gold
2. CANADA - Silver
3. USA - Bronze
5. RUSSIA 5-4
6. FRANCE 3-6
7. CHINA 3-6
9. GERMANY 2-7
10. SCOTLAND 2-7

Gold Medal Game: Canada v Sweden 3-8

Bronze Medal Game: USA v Switzerland 9-7 (extra end)

Sweden won the junior women’s gold medal at the World Junior Curling Championships in Flims, Switzerland. Canada took silver. In a game that went to an extra end, the USA won bronze over Switzerland.

The junior women’s final started off looking as if it was going the Canadian’s way, but Sweden’s Anna Hasselborg turned the game around from the sixth end. Sweden took a point in the sixth end, two steals of two in the seventh and eighth and a final steal of one in the ninth end, taking the score to 8-3 for victory.

“I played my best game this time,” said Anna Hasselborg after the win. “We knew that if we just played our best, we were going to go on top. You just see the shots and you make them.”

For Canada, there was bitter disappointment after a very strong performance throughout the round robin and playoffs stage of the championships where they lost only one match on the road to the final. Stunned Skip Rachel Homan simply said “we just didn’t curl our game today.”

In the bronze medal game Switzerland trailed the United States up until the seventh end when Manuela Siegrist’s team took four to tie the game up 6-6. Play went into an extra end with the USA having the hammer last stone advantage. But Alexandra Carlson did not need to play her last shot, as Siegrist’s last stone was heavy and left the USA lying two for a 9-7 win.

“The game went pretty quick,” said Alexandra Carlson afterwards, “except for that one end where we missed our two hits and gave them four, that wasn’t very fun.”

“We had a lot of bad stones,” explained Swiss Skip Manuela Siegrist, “it was not possible to draw for two in the tenth end.”

It is Sweden’s first world junior women’s gold medal title in ten years. Matilda Mattsson won the last gold for Sweden in 2000 in Geising, Germany.

For the USA, it is their first junior women’s medal title since 2003, when Cassandra Johnson took silver when the junior championships were last staged in Flims.