World Junior Curling Championships 2011 – Day 2 Women

After three rounds of play in the women’s round-robin at the World Junior Curling Championships in Perth, Scotland, Russia, Scotland and Sweden are unbeaten in joint top position.

USA Skip Rebecca Hamilton and Russian Skip Anna Sidorova Photo: WCF/Richard Gray

Russia’s Anna Sidorova followed up a morning 9-6 win over the Czech Republic’s Anna Kubeskova with a 5-2 win that handed USA’s Rebecca Hamilton her first loss - Hamilton having beaten Switzerland’s Manuela Siegrist by 10-8 in morning play.

After the game against USA, Sidorva said, “it was a really difficult game for us because it was necessary to be patient to take control over the game. The first five ends were defensive and it was difficult to get more stones in play.”

Meanwhile USA’s lead Sophie Brorson was celebrating her 20th birthday. “I was hoping to win both on my birthday but you know – you win some and you lose some.” She said. “I don’t think we actually played better, I think things just went more our way this morning (against Switzerland). It was upsetting that we lost but I think we’ve played as well as we could.”

Sweden’s Jonna McManus beat Japan’s Sayaka Yoshimura by 7-6 in the morning game, before maintaining her unbeaten record in another tight game, beating the Czech Republic by 8-7.

Scotland’s Eve Muirhead, going for a record fourth world junior title on home ice – had a 12-0 six-end whitewash over France’s Anna Li in the morning, and then another comfortable win, by 10-4 over Switzerland, eventually delivering a perfect raised take-out and stay to score four in the ninth and end the game.

Afterwards, Muirhead said, “that was a solid game. We played well and I think we all stepped up. We took control from the start. If we can keep playing as solid as that, I’m sure we can give every team a good run for their money”.

Speaking about playing at home, she added, “the support is great. It’s so different being at home. The atmosphere is great and it’s terrific to play in something like this. It’s great fun”.

After recording her first win in the morning, with a 10-4 win over Norway’s Kristine Davanger, Canada’s Trish Paulsen went down by 6-7 to Japan in the evening game, largely because of giving up a steal of four in the third end.

Afterwards, Canadian third Kari Kennedy said, “that wasn’t expected, but it’s better to give up a four early in the game to give yourself a chance to claw back, and we almost did. We had our chances, we know we can play better and we will”.

Junior Women’s Standings after Day 2
Russia 3-0
Scotland 3-0
Sweden 3- 0
USA 2-1
Japan 2-1
Canada 1-2
Norway 1-2
Czech Republic 0-3
France 0-3
Switzerland 0-3.

Round 3: USA 2, Russia 5; Switzerland 4, Scotland 10; France 2, Norway 11; Canada 6, Japan 7; Czech Republic 7, Sweden 8.

Round 2: Norway 4, Canada 10; Sweden 7, Japan 6; Russia 9, Czech Republic 6, USA 10, Switzerland 8, France 0, Scotland 12.

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