World Senior Curling Championships 2011 Day 4

Senior Men’s Blue Group
USA 6-0 (qualified for QF)
Scotland 4-1
England 3-2
Japan 3-2
Hungary 2-3
France 0-5
Netherlands 0-5

Swiss Skip Chantal Forrer and Irish third Carolyn Hibberd - Photo: WCF/Leslie Ingram Brown

Senior Men’s Red Group
Canada 5-0 (qualified for QF)
Denmark 4-1
Germany 3-2
Sweden 3-3
Czech Republic 1-3
Finland 1-3
Italy 0-5

Senior Men’s Green Group
Australia 5-0 (qualified for QF)
Switzerland 5-0 (qualified for QF)
New Zealand 3-2
Ireland 2-3
Wales 2-4
Russia 1-4
Latvia 0-5

Senior Women’s Group
Canada 8-0 (qualified for SF)
Switzerland 6-1
USA 6-2
Czech Republic 4-3
Japan 4-3
Sweden 4-3
Scotland 4-4
England 1-6
Ireland 1-6
New Zealand 1-6
Russia 1-6

QF-Quarterfinals for Senior Men Only - At the end of the round-robin series, and any tiebreaker games (if required), there will be a clear ranking for 1st, 2nd and 3rd position in each group.
- The 1st and 2nd ranked teams qualify for the quarterfinals on Friday evening (20:00 local)
- The 3rd ranked team with the best Draw Shot Challenge (DSC) result also qualifies
- The other two 3rd ranked teams play a qualification game (Friday at 15:00 local) for the last quarterfinal spot.
SF-Semifinals for Senior Men and Senior Women – take place on Saturday morning (09:00 local)
Medal Games – Gold & Bronze – Saturday afternoon (14:00 local)

Flash Quotes from Players on Day 4

Mark Johnson, Skip Team Canada, who sat out the game today against the Czech Republic and let alternate, Brad Hannah, skip for the game – which they won 13-3: “Well, I didn’t miss a shot! After that domination by team Canada I could be in danger of sitting on the bench for a while! Brad Hannah is a very competent skip, he lost a Canadian final in the seniors. Our intent was to have him play at some point and today he was filling in for me and did a good job!”

Timo Kauste, Team Finland after beating Italy 8-7: “It feels a little bit better, not good, but better, we have much to learn. Our weight control and our technique is not good, so we’ve a lot to learn. We needed a lot of work to get that win – as you saw!”

Danilo Capriolo, Skip Team Italy after the game against Finland: “I missed my shot. In this game it’s the Skip that needs to bear the responsibility when you lose, especially when the score was as tight as that. It was nervousness that made me miss my shot. We need to practise harder. It’s our first world championships and we need a little more time. We hope to make it to another world championships, but being here has been a fantastic experience.”

Ken Olson, lead, Team USA on their 8-7 extra end win over Hungary: “They played well; we played well. We missed a few key shots that made it a little more difficult on us. Geoff has been playing lights-out all week so far. It’s been wonderful, and it’s not just draws either, it’s been hits and rolls that just set us up for multiple points or shutout ends when someone looks like they’re going to score multiples on us. He has been playing great so far this week.”

Andras Rokusfalvy, SkipTeam Hungary: “Unfortunately we had some mistakes we missed some open takeouts in the 8th end we could lie two and so we go to fight in the extra end. In the extra end, we had a chance but USA was so perfect. USA was very good. Tomorrow we have to beat Japan so we have a chance to go to the first eight.” [quarterfinals].

Shelly Kosal, second, Team USA after the team picked up their sixth win 9-3 against Scotland: “We’re just finally starting to come together as a team and just really helping each other make the next best shot every time. The cylinders are starting to come together.”

Irena Mackova, vice skip/third Team Czech Republic after 7-3 win over England: “We are tired. Yesterday we played a very late night and today at 11. We stayed here and now it’s a difficult day for us because of time. We hope to make the playoffs. A lot of teams now are similar. I think that five or six teams have four wins and three losses so tomorrow will be a very important day for all of us.”

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